Mathew Kingwill

July 16, 1999


About Athlete

It has always been a dream of mine to play professional soccer and this would be an opportunity to further my soccer aspirations. The fact that I get to study at a USA college would definitely be an added bonus and an opportunity that only dreams are made of. I am a dedicated and determined person and willing to make the most of this opportunity. 


Following NCAA guidelines Mathew’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

SAT Total Score
1060 (560 reading | 500 math)

Positions: Goal Keeper


Season - Games Played: Hearts 2017

Career - Games Played: 183

Season - Games Started: 30

Career - Games Started: 180

Season – Penalty Kicks Attempts: 0

Goalie Info

Career Wins: 60

Career Ties: 30

Career Shut Outs: 38

Season - Goals Against: 40

Career - Goals Against: 220

Season - Goals Against Avg: 0.75

Career - Goals Against Avg: 1.75

Season - Saves: 45

Career - Saves: 450

Season - Save %: 70%

Career - Save %: 65%

Soccer Honors

2014 – Hearts FC u/15A, Woodridge College First Team. Won Hearts player of the year

* 2015 – Hearts FC u/17A, PEFA u/15A, Woodridge College First Team. Won Hearts player of the year

* 2016 - Hearts FC u/18A, Hearts Senior 3rd Team, Woodridge College First Team. Won Hearts most improved player of the year.

* 2017 & 2018 - Hearts FC Castle League and Premier League, Woodridge College First Team. Won Hearts Senior Golden Glove

What makes you different?

My determined nature to beat all odds and to push myself to succeed at whatever I put my mind to.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My passion in life is to play soccer at the highest level that I can possibly achieve. I have been looking for opportunities to achieve this which is why I applied to College Sports. The opportunity to study in the USA and play a high level of soccer is a very exciting prospect to me and something I would love to have the opportunity to experience.

College Goals?

To play a high level of soccer and to train hard and push myself to be the best goalkeeper I can be. Also, to work hard at my studies and to graduate with a qualification that will set me up for my future career.

Anything else we should know?

As a young boy my dream has been to play professional soccer however I would aspire to play the highest level of soccer that I possibly can achieve. I would like to be successful in life and am prepared to work hard to achieve it.