Matthew Bramford

March 28, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Matthew Bramford and I’m a golfer from Zimbabwe. I’m currently at Kenako academy in George, South Africa since 2020.




-Zimbabwe junior golf team for All Africa 2022
-Zimbabwe National golf team for the African Swing 2022
-Southern Cape provincial junior golf team [ South Africa ]
- McKinley Reid Golf team at the 2022 South Africa National Championship- 2nd Place


Golf RSA Ranking-

Nomads South African junior International 2022- T11(75,72,74)

Friends of engelberg championship hosted by Anna 2021- T7(75,77,72)

Heidleberg Open 2021- T1(66)

Cape Province Open 2021- T35(71,76,76)

Cape Province open 2022- T57(76,71,81)

Southern cape Fancourt junior open- 2nd(70)

Mazars George open 2021 - T8(72)

Nomads SA boys u19 2021- T45(81,70,72,78)

Southern Cape Pezula Open 2022 - 4th(73)

Southern Cape Fancourt Open- T5(71)

Golf RSA Tshwane Junior open 2022- 10(72,72)

Golf RSA Nomads Inland Noom 2022- t15(72,79)

Southern Cape Fancourt Junior open 2022-t3(70)

Golf RSA Highschool Championship Individual- T3(73,69)

Golf RSA Friends of Endleberg 2022- T21(81,72,69)

Golf RSA Southern Cape Open2022- T12(72,68,78)

Southern Cape Pezula Junior open 2022-3rd(66)

Southern Cape Mossel Bay Open 2022-T2(70)

Ekurhuleni Open 2022-6th(74,70,70,70)

Golf RSA Bobby Locke Open 2022-T9(76,69,72)

South African Amateur Championship qualification 2023-T53(75,70)

South African Amateur-T33

Golf RSA Cape province Open 2023-T26(72,77,71)

Golf RSA Boland Amateur Strokeplay 2023-T24(71,81,67)

Pre-Qualifier sunshine tour Zimbabwe open 2023-2nd(71)

Golf RSA Ekurhuleni Open 2023- t9(69,75,69,71)

GOLF RSA Silver Salver 2023-t44(73,77,74,74)


Additional sporting info

Primary school
- Provincial rugby, hockey, swimming, and cricket team
-Captain for rugby( and provincial rugby team ), athletics and cross country team and vice captain for swimming

High school
- A team cricket and hockey for u14 to u16
-Cross country team
-School golf team

Personal Best


What makes you different?

I’m the recent years I’ve learned that the road you have to take to reach your goals will always be long and winding. I think I’ve embraced this well and show patience and determination towards the game. I love the challenges that the game constantly throws at me and by reflecting on those challenges I can learn learn valuable lessons that allow me to grow not only as a player but a person as well

Why do you want to compete in college?

I’m really looking forward to competing in college golf as I love being in a highly competitive environment and I know it’s one of the best ways you can learn to improve. I know if I stay dedicated it will provide me many opportunities to pursue my professional golf career.

College Goals?

My ultimate goal would be to improve my golfing skills with a view to making it on to the tour once I leave college whilst also completing a degree to set an academic foundation for myself.

Anything else we should know?

Kenako academy end of year rewards 2021- etiquette award and the diligence award.

I love the outdoors, fishing and hunting have always been a big part of my life and is a place where I can get I can clear my thoughts and forget anything happening around me.