Mattis Nielsen

January 6, 2006

About Athlete

Hi, my name is Mattis. I’m from a small town in Germany called Niebüll. My objective for my college career is to swim at a competitive level and also experience the kind of team spirit, we don’t have here in Germany. Besides that, I’m of course also looking for a solid undergraduate education in economics.
I believe that I would fit well in the college world because I’m ambitious and I love winning and after all the hours of work I’ve put in, I’m not going to stop now.




TSV Rot-Weiß Niebüll

Additional sporting info

I competed at the World Cup in Berlin as a Club swimmer.

Personal Best

100 Backstroke (SCM) 58.8; 100 Backstroke (LCM) 1,01.6;
100 Butterfly (SCM) 59.3; 100 Butterfly (LCM) 1,01.4
200 Freestyle (SCM) 1,58.4
400 Freestyle (SCM) 4,15.7

What makes you different?

I'm a dedicated worker, I know how to chase and achieve the goals, I've set for myself. I also possess a talent for handling pressure and I hate quitting.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I think the competition system and the team spirit in the US are very different from Germany and I want to experience the kind of unity the colleges foster. Furthermore, I want to pursue a successful academic career that will prepare me for my life.

College Goals?

Progress and compete in swimming
Collect cool memories
Get to know new people
Graduate my major