Maximilian Gehrmann

August 7, 2004


About Athlete

Last summer I moved to the Jason Floyd Golf Academy in southern Spain to improve my golf skills. My goal is to play college golf after I finished high school. I am taking advantage of the good weather conditions and practice throughout the year to be better prepared for the upcoming season. Now that I have all the facilities around me I want to make use of it.

I am looking forward to being a scratch player in the next season because I know I have the physical abilities to be a good golfer. I am a competitive person and I always want to win regardless of the discipline. That’s why I enjoy enabling my team to win championships. Nevertheless, I don’t want to forget about school, because in a sporting career injuries can ruin your plans. Therefore, I want to combine my sporting talent with a good education.


IB Middle Years -
Year 2020-20121

English Language and literature -5- Highly Effective

Spanish LA Phase 3 -6- Highly Effective

Individuals and Societies -4- Mostly Effective

Sciences: Science Set D -5- Mostly Effective

Mathematics. Extended Mathematics -5- Mostly Effective

SHE PE (M5) -7- Highly Effective


Current Hcp: 1.8



  • 2021 S-Mart Cup Tournament Series (Jason Floyd Golf Academy) | 76,76
  • Triple European Masters 2021 The San Roque Club in Spain March 26-28th | Score: 76 ,77, 81
  • Preis der Jungendlichen von 1924 | Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein | Score: 74 | Place: 1st
  • Möbel Hesse Cup | 16.8-18.8.21 |Score: (76, 83, 77)| Place: 3rd in the age group U18


  • 1.11.2020 Triple A European Masters San Roque, Spain | 77-86-76
  • 23.08.2020 Qualifikation Final Four, Golfclub an der Pinnau | 80 - 6th place
  • 15.08.2020 Hamburger Meisterschaft - Jugendmeisterschaft der Region Nord, Golf- und Country Club Hamburg Treudelberg | 78 - 6th place
  • 5.08.2020 Preis der Jugendlichen, Hamburger Golf-Club | 79 - 6th place


  • 18.10.2019 Triple A World Junior Series 2019 Almenara Golf Club, Spain | 81-78 - 5th place
  • 22.08.2019 Venice Open, Italy | 78 -77-83
  • 15.06.2019 Jugendmeisterschaften der Region Nord, GC Ahrensburg | 77 - 75
  • 29.07.2019 GJGT Lübeck Open | 79 - 79 - 82 - 81  
  • 23.06.2019 North GermanYouth Invitational. Golfclub Hittfeld  | 77 - 1st place
  • 15.6.2019 North German Youth Qualification for German Championship, GC Ahrensburg | 81- 81 
  • 4.06.2019 Jugend Trainiert für Olympia, Landesfinale, Golfclub Hamburg Walddörfer | 80 - 3rd. place
  • 30.05.2019 HGC Masters | 79


I'm proud to have won the Hamburger Team Championship in all age groups I competed over the past years.

AK12, AK14, AK16, AK 18

4th place German Team Championship in 2019 AK16

(Golfclub Hechingen- Hohenzollern)

8th place German Team Championship in 2018 AK14

(Golfclub Weserbergland e.V.)

Club Distances

58* wedge 80 meters

54* wedge 95 meters

G wedge 115 meters

P wedge 125 meters

9i 135 meters

8i 145-150 meters

7i 160 meters

6i 170 meters

5i 180 meters

4i 190 meters

2i 210 meters

3 Wood 235 meters

Driver 250-260 meters

Additional sporting info

I used to play soccer ever since I was four years old. I played in one of Hamburgs and North Germanys leading teams and I just recently quit when I moved to Spain. I knew it was time to focus on one sport and I decided for it to be Golf. Nevertheless soccer is still one of my passions and I know that without the experience of being an important part of a soccer team I could not be the athlete and team player I´m now. Soccer helped me to develop strength and self-confidence and I can project that onto my golf.

What makes you different?

Being the ambitious person I am I like to compete and face challenges. I believe that my ability to understand the skills I am asked to complete and my physical abilities enable me to improve my performance fast and help me to become the athlete I want to be.

The reason why I left home and moved to the golf academy in Spain is to develop myself and to follow my dream to become a college golfer.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Ever since I was a young boy I have been a huge fan of college sport and the spirit that surrounds it. As a soccer player I took great pride in being part of a successful team. I truly enjoy competing with other athletes and pushing ourselves to achieve our common goals. In Germany there is no such thing as college sport. I know my strength is being a team player and I would love to experience that at university level.

College Goals?

It is my goal to win as many tournaments as possible, both as a team member and as an individual. Therefore my aim is to develop my golfing skills to the maximum by making use of my physical and mental abilities.

Studying in the US enables me to combine playing golf for a college team whilst getting an excellent academic education. It offers the ideal environment for me as an athlete and a student alike.

Anything else we should know?

I love traveling the world and seeing different places, getting to know different cultures and making new friends around the globe.

I'm a very positive minded person and I'm willing to work hard for my goals.



Current: Sotogrande International School SIS, Spain 2015-2020 Gymnasium Hochrad (school of competitive sports), Germany

Graduation year: 2023