Mehdi Guedira

October 9, 2001


About Athlete

I have always dreamt about playing college golf and my objective is to combine sports and studies in the US. I am extremely motivated and determined to work hard to make it in collegiate golf. 


Following NCAA guidelines Mehdi’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

SAT Total Score
1260 (670 Maths; 590 English)

Lowest tournament score: 77 (+5) PAR:72 Distance:6420 Yards |Royal Golf Marrakech

Lowest general play score: 70 (-2) PAR:72 Distance:7329 Yards. Royal Golf Dar Essalam (European tour level)

Current handicap: 7.4 in Morocco 

JFGA Junior Tour Series

- San Roque New T2

- Finca Cortesin T4

- San Roque New T6

- Los Naranjos T6

- Alcadeisa T7

- Almenarra 10th Place

Mensual Medal play: 1st Place 79 (+7)

SRIXON Junior Tour III: 5th Place 85-77

4th in the JFGA order of merit for 2018-2019

Club Distances

Driver: 240m / 262 yards Carry - 250m / 273 yards roll

3 wood: 220m / 262 yards

2 Hybrid: 208m / 227 yards

3 iron 197m / 215 Yards  

4 iron: 190m / 207 yards

5 iron: 182m / 199 yards

6 iron: 173m / 189 yards

7 iron: 161m / 174 yards

8 iron: 150m / 164 yards

9 iron: 141m / 153 yards

PW: 130m / 142 yards

Gap W: 120m / 131 yards

SW: 96m / 104 yards

Sand Wedge (58°): 100m/ 110 Yards

(NCAA ID #1806210874)

What makes you different?

When I set myself an achievable goal, the only thing in my mind is to achieve it. Nothing will stop me from working the hardest I can for my success. I love getting better and the path that I am taking wouldn’t be possible without such dedication.
I also left my home where my future was planned at age 15. But it was the best decision of my life because here I am, chasing my passion and also being multicultural.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have been competing for quite sometime and my all-time dream since then was to play competitive golf in the USA. Playing golf and studying in America will help me achieve my golf and academic goals.

College Goals?

I want to study Business, Marketing and Maths. I would like to attend one of the best colleges in the country and hopefully win the NCAA championships and/or other collegiate events. I am aiming to be the best player and student of the team.

Anything else we should know?

I am friendly and love meeting new people all around the world.
I like traveling and playing golf all over the globe.
I am very dedicated and really love learning new things.