Melissa Barrantes Barrios

March 27, 2004


About Athlete

My main goal is to combine my academic studies and my sporting talent. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required fields in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent.


Current GPA 4.0
Biology A
Chemistry A
Civics A
Social Studies A
English A
Math A
Physics A
Spansih A
Arts A
Conduct A

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

UCR futbol Femenino (2014-2016)
Futbol Consultants (2016-2018)
Asociacion Futbol Femenino Coronado (2018-present)
School Soccer team (2014-present)


Nominated Athlete of the Year several times

Additional sporting info

I was part of Kids Athletics where I competed prepresenting my school in national competitions against other schools. We participated three times where we finished third place, next year second place, and finally we won first place.

Personal Best


What makes you different?

Being able to demonstrate my leadership on and off the field
helping my team and classmates in their adversities and
challenges. Also, I coursed a coach license to keep adding value
to my profile and CV.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have always been interested in sports and they’ve been very
meaningful in my life. Knowing that I can play sports while I also
study, feels more like a motivation to me than anything else.
Since soccer, and sports in general, have been some of the most
important things in my life, I have always known that they will
need to be a part of my daily life. I also believe that the reason
why I have a good performance in school is due to the discipline I
have achieved through sports.

College Goals?

In general terms, what I want to achieve in college is mainly the
experience where I believe I will grow as a person and become a
more independent one. Sporting wise, my main goal is to learn
from others as well as give my knowledge in what I can. Also, I
expect to grow in every aspect regarding sports and academics
in a way everything learned will be helpful in my future. With
academics, since I know I am going to a whole different system
from what I am used to, my goal is to be able to learn from this
system in a way I can also put into practice everything I already know.

Anything else we should know?

Regarding other skills and passions, before even playing soccer,
I used to play the piano. I did it for three years until I had to
choose between playing soccer or piano. Music still is my
passion, I sometimes play the piano for fun as well as the
ukulele. I have also been part of MUN, where I have participated
in several conferences representing my school.