Miguel de Abreu e Rodrigues

September 21, 2000


About Athlete

My goal is undoubtedly to be able to reconcile studies with sport and my competitive side. It is something for which I know I have a lot of motivation, because all this opportunity is the realization of the biggest dream that I have and always had in my life and I will do my best to help the team achieve the goals and also be able to maintain a good academic level, even with sport, and in this case volleyball being my biggest focus.



  • Middle School team 2012-2015: win- 20 lost- 6
  • High School team 2015-2018: win- 30 lost-8
  • Odivelas Volleyball Club 2017-2020: win-12 lost- 24
  • Clube Nacional Ginástica( National Gymanstic club) 2020


National Middle School Volleyball Championship 2012- 5th place

State Middle School volleybal championshop 2013 and 2014- 1st place

National MIddle School Volleyball Championship 2013 and 2014 - 3rd place

National High School Volleyball Championship 2015 and 2016- 6th place

State High School Volleyball Championship 2017- 2nd place

State High School Volleyball Championship 2018- 2nd place

Qualifying to World High School Championship in Poland - 3rd place

State Division Clubs Tournament 2018- 5th place

AMB Volleyball Cup in Espinho 2018- 9th place

State Division Clubs Tournament 2019- 4th place

AMB Volleyball Cup in Espinho 2019- 7th place

Qualifying to National Championship 2020- 2nd place (until March before pandemic)

Awards, press

I have 4 medals for the best High School team in our state/district.

2 medals for 3rd best Middle School team in the country

Additional sporting info

I have been playing volleyball for 8 years and I played soccer and tennis before I started playing volleyball.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLeQbDFHcT_I7d6DVZKF4xA?view_as=subscriber

Instagram: @miguels_dreams