Miguel Orzi

November 3, 2003


About Athlete

My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent.


Mathematics 10/10 (IGCSE exam of Math: A star)

Physics 10/10 (IGCSE exam Physics: A star)

Total average: 9.7/10

SAT Total Score
Score: 1240
TOEFL Total Score

Modena Golf & Country Club A.S.D.

Centro Nacional de Golf (RFEG) (Madrid)


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17 years old 2020

  • 1st place PGAI Italy U14 / Margara Golf course (6.048 m) PAR 72 / 76, 76 
  • 2nd place Campeonato Abierto de Madrid Sub 14 / Las Rejas /PAR 72 (76, 73) 16 years old (2019) 
  • Internazionali d’italia U16 / Biella course / PAR 72 / 12th italian players 17 years old (2020) 
  • 11 th place U18 Italian Championship (Marazza ) / Monticello course 6.410 m / PAR 72 (73,72,72,70) 

18 years old (2021)

  • 3rd place Italian Championship for Team ( Assoluti A1) / Torino La Mandria course (6.828 m) 10th place Italian Championship (Bevione) / Golf Nazionale course Roma / 6462 m / PAR 72 (75,73,71,76)
  • Quarter finals (first 8 italian players) Italian Championship Match Play U18 / Bogogno Golf Club Course / 6.284 m
  • 1st place/ national tournament in Modena/ 6.423 m / PAR 72 (70, 72) 
  • 2nd place/ national tournament in Tolcinasco (Milano) / 6.290 m /PAR 72 (72,65,70)
Additional sporting info

Club distances
Wedge 58: 104 yards
Wedge 54: 120 yards
Wedge 50: 130 yards
Pitching wedge: 148 yards
9 iron: 164 yards
8 iron: 175 yards
7 iron: 191 yards
6 iron: 202 yards
5 iron: 213 yards
4 iron: 224 yards
Hybrid 3: 240 yards
3 wood: 268 yards
Driver: 295 yards

Personal Best

Tournament Scoring Average: - 2

Country/National ranking: 41st

What makes you different?

Organization and passion in what I do. I try to explain with concrete examples and not only with key words:

Since I was a child I have spent a lot of time in Spain. My mother is from Madrid, we lived in Italy but a large part of the year also in Spain. From the age of 8 I attended golf summer campus in the Centro Nacional de Golf de Madrid and from 12 to 14 age, I participated in 3 Spanish National Championship U14 (Campeonato Nacional por Equipos Infantil de Espana 2015/2016/2017) , as a team player of the Centro Nacional de Golf. I also played individual Tournaments, reaching the second place in the Madrid Open U14. These experiences at this age helped me develop the ability to relate to people of different cultures, styles, different coaches, in another language and in any case in a competitive environment. This led me to organize myself and improve self-discipline also because these National Team Competitions etc.. were with coach and team and without parents. Organization and passion are also allowing me today to achieve excellent results as student (9,7 / 10) and in Maths 10/10, Physics) 10/10 , at Liceo Scientifico (not an easy school) and improve as athlete (This year 10th place Italian Championship / 3rd place Italian Championship for team)

Why do you want to compete in college?

To compare myself with excellent players and be part of an organized structure that can allow me to improve in golf and evaluate a professional career.

College Goals?

Sporting: to compare myself with excellent players, improve, and evaluate a professional career.

Academics: learn a solid academic background and with good reference.


Istituto Sacro Cuore Modena – Liceo Scientifico