Mikhail Vinkel Carvalho

Track & Field
March 6, 2002


About Athlete

I am a 100m and 200m sprint athlete with many gold medals under my belt. I have been running and competing from the age of 6 years old. As I plan to continue improving my track times, I know that an opportunity to leave my small island of Barbados, that I live on, will greatly assist me in achieving this goal. I know that the United States has a athletic program of a high standard and I want to perfect my craft in track and field and ultimately go to the Olympics to represent my country. I also know educating myself beyond a secondary level of education and onto a tertiary level of education is of high importance as it will aid me in achieving my goal of financial freedom. As a result, I want to use my talent and my burning desire for Track and field to help me afford the best education that I could possibly attain.


Examining Bodies

Caribbean Examinations Council: CSEC & CAPE.

Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

High School Grades

(Subject- Grade - Examining Body)

Math – 1 – CSEC

Physical Education and Sport – 1 - CSEC

English Language – 1 – CSEC

English Literature – 2 - CSEC

Biology – 2 – CSEC

Geography – 2 - CSEC

Caribbean History – 3 – CSEC

Physics – 4 – CSEC

Physical Education and Sport (Unit 2) – 2 – CAPE

Communication Studies (Unit 1) – 3 – CAPE

Applied Mathematics (Unit 1) – 3 – CAPE

Economics (Unit 1) – 4 - CAPE

GPA 3.0

SAT Total Score

100m and 200m Sprint

Personal best for the 200m: 21.41s

For further validation purposes (Session 4 | Day 2 | Event 28 Boys 200 Meter Dash Under 20) - http://archives.bssac.org/2020/bssac-live/zonetwo/


Personal best for the 100m sprint:10.71 seconds



Louis Lynch Nationals

National Junior Sports

Interschool Sports (All-zone finals)


Barbados National Junior Championships: 

100m prelims - 11.03s wind -1.2. Finals: 11:00s wind -0.2 

200m prelims - 22.26s wind - 3.9. Finals: 22.37s wind - 0.9

Interschool Sports (All-zone finals)

Barbados National Championships

100m prelims - 11.37s wind -2.4. Finals: 11.09s Wind -0.8

200m prelims - 22.61s wind 0.3. Finals: 22.45s Wind -0.4


Louis Lynch Nationals:

100m: Prelim 10.75 Wind 1.0. Final: 10.71s Wind 0.8

200m: Prelim 22.41 

National Junior Championships: 

100m – 11.05s wind 1.7. Finals: 10.88s Wind 0.6

200m – 21.78s wind 0.3. Finals: 21.82s Wind 1.3

Barbados Secondary School Athletic Championships:

200m Final – 21.58s

NACAC U13, U15, U18, U23 Age Group Trials - 5/25/2019 to 5/26/2019:

100m Prelims – 11.40 Wind -0.9 Finals: 10.78

200m Prelims – 23.46 Wind -4.8. Finals: 22.04 Wind -2.6

Barbados National Championships 2019 - 6/21/2019 to 6/23/2019:

100m Prelim – 11.04 Wind -0.1 Finals: 10.92s Wind -1.0

200m Prelim – 22.10 Win -0.7. Finals: 21.96 Wind -0.1


Louis Lynch Championship:

100m Prelim – 10.74 Wind 0.1. Final: 10.74 Wind -0.3

200m Prelim – 21.98 Wind -2.9. Final: 21.81 Wind -0.3

National Junior Sports:

100m Prelim – 10.83 Wind 0.4. Final: 10.81 Wind -0.8

200m Prelim – 22.16 Wind -0.8. Final: 21.77 Wind 0.2

Interschool Sports (All-zone finals) – Hasn’t occurred yet.

NCAA ID number: 1909698675 which list additional achievements

For verification purposes: http://aab.sports.bb/results/#



I have represented my schools in every final race for either the 100m, 200m or both for every Interschool School Sports (highest local meet in Barbados) from the age of 6 years old. 

Athletes represent their school at the Final Interschool Championships meet through a process of many successful wins. The qualifying process is: 

Win the try outs

Obtain Gold or Silver at school sports in desired event in which you want to participate in

Obtain Gold or Silver of the zone meet of the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletic Championships (BSSAC) (which consists of about 10 schools). This zone meet is called Frank Blackman Zone and is scheduled for 12 -13th March 2020. The athlete then proceeds to semifinals between all the schools of the nation.

Obtain Gold or Silver at the semifinals to make it to the final 8 competitors.

See https://www.facebook.com/bssac/

I am listed on the World Athletics. Find it here:


Awards, press

I was featured in our local newspaper, The Barbados Nation at the 2020 Combermere School sports.


Louis Lynch Classic Championships Article:


BSSAC Sport Instagram picture of Mikhail Carvalho:


Nation news article from BSSAC Zonal Meet 2019

Mentioned in the last paragraph. 



Nation News Paper article about Combermere Set E winning in 2018.

Photo of Mikhail Carvalho in this article. Also the cover picture of the article and has a description in paragraph 11.


Nation news article written in 2014.


Nation news article written in 2018


The Nation Barbados post 2018

News article showing the results of BSSAC



Featured on Barbados Today News Article:



Additional sporting info

I have lived a lifestyle dedicated to track and field. This meaning I consumed mainly food of quality, no illegal substance and healthily eating habits for the past 4 years. This has allowed me to continue to improve on my times.

To the end of 2019 I started to work out in the gym. This was after my 17th birthday which was in June 2019. I have gained muscle and strength on my 6’3” frame with the addition of becoming more powerful which will contribute to my increase times as I run.