Michele Ambrosio

Soccer/ Tennis
July 6, 2007


About Athlete

My name is Michele Ambrosio and I am 16 years old. I am filled with unwavering enthusiasm and a strong desire to pursue a degree in finance at a renowned university while simultaneously continuing my passion for playing sports, specifically tennis and soccer, at the highest level possible. I am eager to immerse myself in the financial world, following a strict learning program while still being able to do what I love the most which is playing tennis and soccer. Playing these two sports for a long time has shaped my character but has also instilled in me valuable qualities such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience. Combining my academic pursuits with sports will not only help me maintain a balanced lifestyle but will also enhance my time management skills and foster a strong sense of determination. I believe that attending university while continuing to play tennis and soccer will provide me with the holistic growth and experiences necessary to excel academically and athletically, ultimately preparing me for a successful and fulfilling career.


general average 2021/2022 : 18,56/20
general average 2022/2023 : 18,05/20

TOEFL Total Score

US Cap d’Ail, south of France, 2018-
Played various positions during these years: striker, centre midfielder, centre attacking midfielder.

Additional sporting info

Can play various positions but where I play beat is attacking midfielder.
Good captain and leader always wanting the best from my teammates and not letting them down when they need help or support.

Personal Best

Speaking of stats my personal best is 13 assists and 10 goals in one season.
Throughout the seasons I have an average of 7 assist/season and 8 goals/ season.

What makes you different?

I have the ability to play different positions and still succeed. I am a very fast learner and can execute quickly what I’m being told. Moreover, I get along easily with anybody and I’n don’t cause any problems inside the locker room and in the team. Im respectful, polite and I give it all every time I step on a pitch or on a tennis court.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because I want to level up the league I play in and learn from players better than me. I know I have the capacities to play college soccer or college tennis and I want to prove it to myself. Also being able to play my favourite sports at the highest level has always been the dream for me, because of the atmosphere, the facilities and all the new experiences as a college player.

College Goals?

My college goals is to end my college years with degree in finance but still having competed at the highest level possible.
As for the sports, I want to try and win the league title, in soccer or in tennis, and help the team succeed.



Lycée Albert Ier





Coupe Côte d’Azur

This is the cup tournament of south of France, the very famous “ Côté d’azur” region. Started from the final 32 and played 6 games including the final to win the tournament. Great consistency from the team at every round including the final where we beat the champions of our league on penalties after a great performance, deserving to win it before penalties. I have accumulated 2 goals and one assist in this tournament and also scored my penalty in the final. Great achievement for the club because it is a historical win for the club. We also got a prize from the mayor and many compliments from him at the rewarding ceremony.

League title

Very deserved league title for the team where we didn’t lose a single and had a record of 16 wins/2 draws/ 0 losses. We battled the league title with two other teams until the last two match days where games really mattered. Scored many goals and assisted my team mates to help with the title.