Milan Lucas

November 8, 2004


About Athlete

My goals are to be able to combine my sport project with very good academic support. I am motivated to graduate and to honor my college/university soccer team. Going to study at university would be a great opportunity, whether it is for my soccer project or my academic project. It is a wonderful experience.


Math: B- / English: B / Economy: B / Soccer: A- / Physical Education: A- / French: B / History, Geography B / Morale and Civil Ethic A- / Nederlands B / Sciences B-

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score



Royal Francs Borains

Friendly games: 2 games, 100% of time played 1 win 1 lose

1 assist

U15 interprovincial div 1: 27 games 100% of games started

3 goals and 2 assists

Belgian cup: semi final

2019 - 2020

Royal Francs Borains

Friendly games: 2 games 1 win 1 draw

1 goal

U16 interprovincial div1: 20 games 100% of time played

2020 - 2021

Royal Francs Borains

Friendly games: 11 games 6 win 5 loses 4 clean sheets

2 assists

U17 interprovincial div 2: 3 games 3 draw 1 clean sheet 100% of time played

Season stopped the 10/10 cause to covid


Royal Francs Borains

Friendly games with the first team: 3 games 2 win and 1 lose

1 goal and 1 assists

U23 national 1 14 games 4 win 10 loses (youngest team of the league)

P4 ( second team of the club) 11 games 11 win 5 clean sheets

3 goals scored and 1 assist

Hainaut cup: 3 games 2 win and 1 lose

1 assist

Additional sporting info

Youngest player to have joined the u23 team during the 2021 2022 season

I’m a player who adapts easily to a different game thanks to my qualities. I also adapt to different levels of play in a short time. I never give up on the field, I am a good leader and I have very good physical and technical play. I like to build from the back I can play short and long.

Personal Best

2018-2019 selection team of Hainaut, 16 best players of the states. Tournament bêtement the 10 states in May at the training center of the Belgian national team.

VMA test : 17km/h

One test in the professional club of sporting charleroi (division 1 Belgium)

What makes you different?

I am sure that I have the abilities to study and play in a university in the United States. I give everything I have to accomplish my goals in both soccer and academics. I have a mindset that I never give up. What makes me different from others is certainly that I grew up and lived in a country outside of the United States, with another culture and another way of thinking and playing on the field. I did a soccer internship in England with Chelsea trainers for a week and another week in Dubai in a training center that recruits a lot of foreigns players. This allowed me to have a soccer experience outside of Belgium and to discover other soccer cultures.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The reason why I want to come and play in the United States is because we can combine soccer and school at the same time. The level and the infrastructure of work in the United States is very interesting and will allow me to train like a professional. I want to continue to improve myself and the ultimate goal is obviously to become a professional soccer player. I am sure that the United States can help me to reach this goal.

College Goals?

I want to reach the highest level of soccer possible, going to a team who plays for the conference title and has the ambition to go and win the national final. Reaching a top level is my goal for my studies and the final goal is to join an MLS team or a USL championships team and start my career as a professional. Academically, my goal is to graduate and continue the progression of my education and be able to afford to work in what I love.

Anything else we should know?

My other passions are sports, all kinds, I watch MMA, NBA, and NFL. I also watch or read a lot of documentaries about sports and history in general, I love learning new things. I also like to go out with my friends, go to the city and go to amusement parks.


Athenee royal Jules Bordet, Athenee royal Jean d’Avesnes