Miles Sampson

June 3, 2001


About Athlete

My aim is to attain the highest academic grades I can and play at the highest level possible in the US College system. Which has the perfect combination of high level education and sport.

I have a lot of experience at performing in high pressure environments where you need to step up to the plate and be counted. This will assist me in adapting to the US game and have a positive impact within my college rugby team


Following NCAA guidelines Miles' GPA would meet U.S. requirements.


Position: Outside Centre No.13

Alternate Position: Inside Centre No.12

Current team

Havant RFC

Sussex County

Current League

Hampshire County Division 1 of 3


Bench Press (1 Rep Max): 242.5 lbs

Squat (1 Rep Max): 330 lbs

Deadlift (1 Rep Max): 396.8 lbs

Split time: 100m- 12.55 seconds

Awards and Achievements

U16 West Sussex Development squad, scouted after scoring hattrick against East Sussex to play for Sussex B. Then promoted to

Sussex A after good performances.

Sussex A U17

Ex London Irish Silver U16

Ex London Irish Bronze

Best aspect of your game: Hitting hard lines, breaking tackles and scoring

What makes you different?

I have a vast amount of experience in rugby, from playing at a high level since I was 11 years of age, as a result of being in the London Irish system and representing my county.

For the last five years I have been part of the London Irish Academy and Sussex County setup. I have been consistently working hard to improve my skillset and knowledge of the game and how best I can make an impact in matches.

Also, I am use to being constantly assessed by professional coaches and physios in a challenging environment where you need to stand out in order to succeed.

I feel that the experience I have gained over a number of years will definitely assist me for the higher-level rugby challenges which hopefully lie ahead

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am applying to compete in college as I want to reach my potential and achieve my goals. The US college system is an environment that I’m positive I will thrive in. I want to test myself at the highest level possible and I believe US college rugby will help me do that.

Academic achievements enhance rugby successes. I believe success on the rugby pitch aids academic excellence.

I aspire to attain a first team place in the fifteens team so I can experience playing in the US college league and possibly play in college 7s tournaments as well.

College Goals?

To successfully manage my sporting and academic commitments.

Being a college student will test my organizational skills and will really require me to adapt to an extremely important period in my life.

I want to maximize my academic grades to gain the highest grade of qualifications, for a career in business management.

Lastly, fulfill my sporting aspirations on the rugby pitch.

Anything else we should know?

My confidence and people skills helped me secure a position at Portsmouth Football Club as a social media assistant which is a great achievement given my age. I travel all around the country with the team running the official club’s Instagram and Snapchat account. Which I have been doing for two years.

I travelled to Singapore after being recommended by the press officer at Portsmouth FC to meet a business contact. With the offer of going out there to work in project management for six months.

I have had a passion for sport since I was very young. I have played a vast array of different sports from team sports to individual sports. Specifically, tennis and badminton

Tennis... I’ve played county competitions since I was 9. When I was 14 I reached No.1 in Hampshire on the LTA rankings. My rating is 8.2, as I stopped playing competitive tournaments a few years ago.

Badminton… In Year 11 I was graded in PE for badminton by a professional examiner as a 10/10 which equals a semi-professional standard player.

Lastly, bodybuilding and fitness is a big part of my life, I have a lot of knowledge in that area. I have completely changed my physique in the last two years. I use to weigh 86KG and I now weigh 95KG.