Mille Thusgaard Elsborg

May 20, 2002


About Athlete

My aspiration is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent in the US. In my years on and off the court I have always loved being a part of a team. I am therefore devoted to experience a life in the US where college tennis and school goes hand in hand.


High School Grades

English, written: B

English, oral: B

Arts: A

General Language understanding: A

Physics, oral: B

Physics, written: C

General Science: A

Social Studies: B

German, oral: C

German, written: B

Biotechnology, oral: B

Biotechnology, written: B

Danish, oral: B

Danish, written: B

History: A

Math, oral: B

Math, written: B

Psychology: A

Ancient knowledge: B

physical education (PE): B

Religion: B

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Serve: 112mph 


Nr. 1 under 12 girls 

Nr. 1 under 14 girls


ITF Career-high ranking: 1095

I have represented the Danish Junior national team at the European championships in 2014 and in 2016 where me and my team reached the finals as the first Danish team in several years. 

Furthermore, I have represented Denmark at the Nordic Championship in 2015 

Tournaments I won 

Danish championship 2016, outdoors, under 14, double.

Danish championship 2016, outdoors, under 14, mixdouble.

Danish championship 2016, outdoors, under 14, singles.

Danish championship 2016, indoors, under 14, doubles.

Sparkasse Bambini cup Kufstein 2014, doubles.

Fairplay open by Wilson 2014, under 12, singles.

Junior Grand Prix Masters 2013

Little Mo, New York 2013, singles.

Little Mo, New York 2013, doubles.

Little Mo, New York 2012, doubles.

Smirkva Bowl 2012, consolation draw, singles.


Complete list of wins (download) >


SALK open 2017, reached quarterfinals, singles.

SALK open 2017, reached quarterfinals, doubles.

Little Mo, New York, 2012, 3rd Place, singles.

Fairplay open by Wilson, 2014, under 14, 2nd place.

European Championship 2016, under 14, 8th place.

Sparkasse Bambini cup Kufstein2014, reached quarterfinals, singles.

What makes you different?

I have ambitions both academically and tennis wise, and that is what makes me different. I not only aspire to succeed on the court, but also off. Everything I do, I do with a purpose, and with a desire to flourish.

I am most often described as a girl with a smile that just doesn’t want to detach itself. Even though it is important to win the price, or to ace the test – there is in my opinion no point in doing it, if it doesn’t make you happy, and that is why I am always smiling - because I love what I do. Playing tennis and cramming books certainly brings out the joy in me, though with few exceptions book wise.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Competing in college is definitely the right choice for me, on the ground that I love playing on a team and experiencing new things that can create fire in my belly. America has always been my favorite place to travel to, because of its bigness compared to little Denmark. I have also always admired tennis in America, because it is a much bigger and cherished sport than in Denmark. I have no doubts about whether or not I would thrive on a team in America, playing tennis with a team, going to school, and experiencing the American culture.

Playing on a big campus with lots of hardcore courts would be unreal.

College Goals?

By going to college in the US, I would be able to live out my definition of the perfect life – combining tennis and education.

I have always loved learning new things both in school and on the court. Taking up a challenge to experience and play college level tennis while taking an education in hopefully biology or math’s would be able to give me a great education while also playing tennis on a daily basis. Further, playing tennis in college could also create amazing experiences and encounters I will never forget.