Mitchell Bynert

December 18, 1997


About Athlete

My goal is to combine my academic studies and golfing ability. I have determination and motivation to work hard in both aspects in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent. “I like to work hard in silence and let my success be the noise”


Following NCAA guidelines Mitchell’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

GPA: 3.75

SAT Total Score

General Low play score: 62, Par 71, Distance 6700 yards

2018 Team Conference Champions with Monterey Peninsula College


2nd place team finish at 2018 Community college regional Championships

Jason Floyd Golf Academy order of merit winner 2015 and 2016

3rd place Individual conference finish with a 74.75 scoring average in my freshman year

Medallist at Del Monte Golf Course in my first college event (Score 72, Par 72, Distance 6365 Yards)

5th Place finish at the 2018 Salinas Valley Amateur Championship (Score 74-71, Par 72, Distance 6784 Yards)

2nd Place finish at the Stanford Invitational, Spring 2018 (Score 71, Par 71, Distance 6778 Yards)

Additional sporting info

Club Distances: (Carry)

59* wedge - 100 yards

53* wedge - 115 yards

47* wedge - 135 yards

9 iron. - 151 yards

8 iron. - 161 yards

7 iron. - 173 yards

6 iron. - 183 yards

5 iron. - 193 yards

4 iron. - 206 yards

3 iron. - 216 yards

19* hybrid - 235 yards

3 wood. - 253 yards

Driver. - 280 yards

What makes you different?

I’m a very hard working and dedicated person, with a love and passion for the game of golf. The sport has been an important part of my life for a few years and if I’m not playing it, I’m watching it and analyzing it, finding ways to improve every aspect of my game.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have always been fascinated by the United States athletic collegiate system. I want to compete in college to put my skills and ability to the test and prove to myself I am capable of competing against some of the very best players in the country. I would also love to meet new people and to find out and experience different cultures during my time at college.

College Goals?

My collegiate goal is to study hard and to obtain a bachelors degree in business administration. In regards to golf, I want to show the coach and the team that I am a skillful and talented player who is capable of great achievements, and someone that my coach can rely on to bring home some good results for the team.

Anything else we should know?

I love to workout and go to the gym as I am a big believer in how physical abilities and fitness can enhance an athlete´s performance in their respective sports. I´m a fluent Spanish speaker as I lived in Spain for almost 11 years after moving there from the United Kingdom. This is where I learnt to play golf on the beautiful courses in the South of Spain.

I never lose, I either win or learn.