Monique Posthumus

April 29, 2001


About Athlete

My objective it to secure my future with a degree but also combine it with my love for soccer.I want to learn as much as I can in my studies as well as my sport and to become a successful young lady.


Afrikaans: 6 (B)

-English: 5 (C)

-Mathematical literacy: 7 (A)

-Life Orientation: 7(A)

- Engineering Graphics and Design: 6 (B)

-Visual Arts: 7 (A)

-Business studies: 6(B)

National Curriculum Statement (NCS)



Supersport United






•Also doing a coaching course

• A few matches's results

-won 3-1 against Future Achievers Acadamy

-won 2-1 against Witbank

-lost 2-1 against Sporting Lisbon


-McDonalds cup winners U14

-2nd place @ Copa Del Fourways tournament U15

-1ste place @ Coca Cola tournament U15

-3de place @ Volkswagen junior masters tournament 

South-Africa U15

-Futsal de saleo leagues

-FDS league winners 2017 and 2018

-FDS runners up 2019

Friendly indoor matches's results

- won 7-4 against Skoppensboer ( I scored a hatric and 1 assist)

- won 9-7 against Rio Sport (I scored 1 goal and 2 assists)

- lost 5-9 against team Revo ( I scored 1 assist)


I normally play up front as a striker or a right winger but I'm also quite comfortable playing as a central midfield attacker.

I mostly play with my right foot but I don't really have a strong/comfortable foot, I am confident on both left and right foot.

Additional sporting info

I'm the only girl playing for Supersport United Middleburg. I am part of a boys team and play leagues and tournament as long as both coaches agree on me joining in.
I also played field hockey for 5 years.



What makes you different?

I'm a playmaker, when I have the ball I'm always looking for ways to set up my teammates for goals, but when opportunity strikes I'll take the shot myself.
I have a lot of self discipline, if I need to do something I'll do it without needing someone to remind me or push me to do it. I think that my self discipline shows in my sport, meaning I'll work hard even on my own after hours. I'm a positional player and an intelligent player. I love to read the game and try to figure out what my defenders to before they do it causing me to intercept their passes. I always go into practice or a game with a positive mindset.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College opens many doors in life, and competing in college will give me the opportunities that I don't have here on my town. I aim

to take the college experience and learn as much as can and prepare myself for the world out there. Also I want to take this opportunity to enjoy my student life combining good education with the sport I love playing.

College Goals?

Sporting wise
- I want to take this experience as an opportunity to become the best soccer player I cn be and learn as much as I can from the coaches and my fellow teammates and hopefully one day play at a higher level as a professional. I also want to make my family and friends back home proud of what I accomplish over time.

Academics wise
- I want to work hard and successfully complete my chosen degree so that I can get a job in the future and make a positive impact on the people around me.