Roi Moskowitz

January 5, 2004


About Athlete

Hey there, I’m Roi Moskowitz, I was born in Tel Aviv Israel but my upbringing has been a mix of California and Leeds, England. I am a midfielder, my strengths as a player are taking charge and keeping the team organized. My calmness on the ball helping the team shift gears smoothly from one side of the field to the other. Most importantly my aggressiveness, and ball winning. You know what sets me apart? Natural leadership. Joining your school and program – I’ve got big plans to leave my mark. Can’t wait to start and be a driving force for the team.




Dutch Lions USL 2 2023

Charlotte Independence USL 1 2022

- Amateur contract with first team
- Everyday learning off of experienced pros like Christian Fuchs, Gabriel Oberton, Miguell Ibarra, etc.

Doncaster Rovers U18 2021

- Got called up to first team trainings often
- Played against Manchester United, Leicester city’s, etc. every week

San Diego Nomads U17 2019-20

- Moved out of house at 14 to join the Prestigious Nomads in San Diego lived in there residency
- Under Ex USMNT U-20 Coach Derek Armstrong

-Santa Cruz Breakers U15 2018-19

- MLS Hall of Famer coach Ramiro Corrales
- Trained every day with U19’s at age 14

Additional sporting info

Participating as both a player and captain in the Maccabi Games in Israel stands as a remarkable personal achievement.

This widely acclaimed event holds a global reputation, attracting athletes from various corners of the world to engage in a highly competitive tournament.

Personal Best

At just 19 years old, my soccer journey has taken me across the globe, allowing me to play in numerous countries and learn from an array of coaches. This experience has exposed me to various soccer systems, each with its unique approach. I've come to appreciate that there isn't a single "best" experience; instead, every situation has contributed something new to my understanding of the game. Beyond soccer, this journey has also enhanced me as an individual, providing a level of experience and maturity that goes beyond my age.

What makes you different?

What makes me different? At the age of just 14, I made the bold move to step away from home. Not only did this journey mold me into an impressive player, but it also instilled in me a deep strong character. My singular focus was on pursuing a professional career, a commitment I wholeheartedly embraced. However, my current enthusiasm lies in the prospect of returning to school, where I aspire to play a pivotal role within your esteemed program.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The prospect of competing at the collegiate level resonates deeply with me, driven by several factors. Foremost, the attainment of a degree represents a significant personal milestone, and I'm eagerly looking forward to start learning. Having closely observed numerous college matches, I know my abilities and the potential I bring to the table. I firmly believe that my contributions could play an instrumental role in propelling the team towards notable achievements and successes.

College Goals?

In college, I have a set of goals that I'm really excited about. Firstly, I want to graduate with a high GPA, showing my dedication to my studies. On the sports side, I aim to be a key player on the team, contributing to our successes on the field. It would be amazing to get national recognition through awards for my performance. Lastly, I'm eager to make connections with fellow students and professionals at the school – I know these connections can be super helpful as I move forward in life.