Naszir Mantilla

October 30, 2002


About Athlete

I want to continue to improve my game and knowledge of my field by competing at the highest level in both my athletics and studies. I hope that these two goals will support each other as the most competitive colleges for soccer have some of the best academic courses as well. I’m determined to do my best in school and on the field so that I have the greatest chance at getting an excellent education and a shot at playing pro.


Precalc Honors A, English Honors C, Chemistry Honors A, US History A, Spanish Speakers 4 Honors C, Sports Management A, Dual Enrollment Principals of Business A

SAT Total Score
PSAT 10th grade - 1340/1520 PreACT 10th grade - 32/35 SAT: 10/5/2019 ACT: 12/14/2019


Miami Beach Soccer Club 2002 matches

Disney Soccer Showcase Qualifiers - Black (Lost in semi-final against 1st place team)

Group 9/1/18 - 8:00 Am , 1-0 W vs Celtic FC Florida 02 White. - 3:00 Pm , 2-1 W vs NFM GPS Florida West 02 NPL

9/2/18 - 1:15 Pm , 1-0 L vs Parkland Red 02

Semi-Final - 8:00Am,4-0L vs CTC Palau SA

Disney Soccer Showcase - Championship Black (Finished top of the Group)

12/27/18 - 4:45 Pm , 2-1 L vs Real Athletic Development 02 Gold

12/28/18 - 3:15 Pm , 2-1 W vs NJ Stallions Academy 02 Bayern NPL

12/30/18 - 8:00Am,1-0 W vs Houston FC 02

Weston Cup & Showcase - Showcase white (2nd place)

Group 2/16/19 - 9:30Am,1-0WvsWestonFC02Black - 5:00 Pm , 1-0 W vs Boca United Boys 02 Pre-Academy

2/17/19 - 12:30 Pm , 4-1 W vs Parkland 02 Red

Final - 8:00 Pm , 2-0 L vs Florida Rush 02 Rush I Boys

Adidas FC Dallas College Showcase - Boys U17 Blue 1 (3rd in Group)

3/2/19 - 8:35 Am , 1-1 vs MS Futbol MS Rush 02 Boys Premier - 6:30 Pm , 0-2 L vs SLSC Cosmos 02B Elite

3/3/19 - 11:50 Am , 1-1 vs FC Wichita 02B Academy

FYSA 2019 Florida State Cup - B17 (3rd in Group)

3/17/19 - 1:00 Pm , 9-2 W vs CNLFC Lakeland Tropics Futbol 02


3/23/19 - 8:00Am,4-0LvsOCYS2002BFPL

3/24/19 - 8:00 Am , 4-3 L vs Coral Gables Toros 2002 Chris


What makes you different?

I’m driven by competition. The reason I love soccer so much is because of how much strategy and teamwork goes into it. It can never be one player doing all the work. I want to play the best teams because the hardest games bring out the best in everybody. For me, I have the most fun in the hard games and, for better or for worse, I hate the easy games. I always go home a little frustrated after those 5-0, 7-0, 9-1 games. I always find myself wishing the other team could have been better. This is really one of my great motivations in soccer. I want to get better so that I can play against the best competition. Before competition in the game however, it starts in practice. I always go hard with my teammates so that they go hard on me too. In order for me to play against higher level teams, my team has to be able to play at that level. By working myself in practice, I work my teammates also. For example, every practice I try to work on something. Some practices, I always go and defend the most physical, skilled, or fastest player. When they go against me, I make them better by having them use other methods than their strong suit. On the other hand, I attack the best, most physical or fastest defender to both make me uncomfortable and make them a more well rounded defender. Everyone gets better when we compete, but I want to compete against the best in order to be the best.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete at the highest level in soccer. I want to play professionally. In order to get to where I want to be, I have to go to college. College is both a middle man between amateurs and the pros and an opportunity to grow. It is highest level I can reasonably play at after high school. It also gives the opportunity to play professionally. I think my game would greatly improve in college and it’s the best place to show off my abilities to pro teams.

College Goals?

I want to study aerospace engineering and get the best education I can get that doesn’t interfere with playing soccer. My goal is to start and be able to significantly help a college team so that I can stand out. Going pro after college is the biggest goal, but I’d like to try and give myself many opportunities in the future even they don’t include sports.