Natasha Glasson

Field Hockey
June 30, 2004


About Athlete

Passionate, committed and a skillful team player, my international culture will enable me to quickly adapt and contribute to my new team’s successes.





-3 National Championships with the Regional team: (3 Champions titles. Regional (North of France): 20 games played

- 10 National Championships - with club team: (2 champions titles; 3 3rd place titles) 

- Champions title with the National first women's club team.

- U16 European cup (France National team finished 3rd)

- U17 and U18 French teams: 13 national caps

On the official list of the top French athletes:

 - U16 French regional top scorer 2020

Additional sporting info

I have always been passionate about sports. Playing soccer as a main sport until I found field hockey 5 years ago. I've also played rugby and ran cross country for 3 years where I competed in numerous regional championships.

Personal Best

Half Season 2019/2020

-Number of club matches played: 26 including 9 with the 1st Women’s Elite team.

-Number of goals scored: 19

-Top scorer in the regional French U16 championship: 9 goals

-3rd best scorer of the French indoor U16 championship : 6 goals

What makes you different?

Adaptability, investment and focus. These key characteristics have enabled me to perform consistently at a high level both academically and athletically. I am extremely self motivated and continue to progress to achieve my personal goals and deliver a performance which contributes to my teams success.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Balancing sports and academics is key to my personal development. As the U.S.A is renowned for its first class colleges and infrastructures. It is the optimal route for me to continue to pursue my life goals.
Meeting new people and expanding my horizons.
Discovering and learning with new coaching techniques.
Compete at the highest level.
Benchmark my French experience with US experience
Evolving my game integrating international influences.
Continuing to develop personally having an international background and experience.

College Goals?

Going to university in the US has been a dream of mine and an opportunity I have created through hard work and dedication since I was 10 years old.

The first day I stepped foot on a pitch, the first time I lifted a trophy, were the moments I realized I had to put in the extra work if I wanted to relive those moments and take them to the next level.

To continue to balance an excellent performance in both sports and academics. Obtaining a first class degree qualification and in parallel contributing to wining team championship titles.

The opportunity to live in a new country and be integrated in a culture will equip me to be successful in my future personal and professional life.

Anything else we should know?

- Ecole Jeannine Manuel Award (For Academic excellence and engaged Citizenship)

- President of the Student Council and treasurer of the Eco-School for the past 3 years

- National coaching certificate (DV1)

- Assistant coach for youth teams at the Lille Hockey Academy.