Nathan Xander Bratanata

February 20, 2004


About Athlete

Playing College Golf has always been a long term goal of mine. Putting myself in an environment where I am surrounded by top amateur golfers motivates me to work hard and is why I believe that these 4 years in college would be a significant stepping stone for my development in becoming an elite player. The college I will be attending can expect to see that I will always strive to do my best on and off the course.


Tournament Scoring Average: 74


-5 years of competitive golf in Auckland, New Zealand

-2015 - present of competitive golf in Melbourne, Australia



•Victorian Junior Open

Venue: Barwon Heads Golf Club and 13th Beach Golf Club

Scores: 76, 79, 76, 75

•Cranbourne Amateur Championship

-73, 73 (5th)

-Cranbourne Golf Club, par 72

•Northern Junior Open

-72 (2nd)

-Northern Golf Club, par 72

•Southern Classic

-Scores: 77, 76 (T10)

-Southern Golf Club, Par 72

•Riversdale Open

-Score: 74 (T2)

-Riversdale Golf Club, Par 72

•Victorian Junior Amateur

-Scores: 75, 76, 75 (20th)

-Eastern Golf Club, Par 73


•The Northern Championship

-75, 75, 75, 75 (8th)

-Northern Golf Club, par 72

•Kingston Heath Junior Open

-74 (T4)

-Kingston Heath Golf Club, par 72

•Northern Individual Matchplay Championship

-1st place with winning the final match 4&3.

-Northern Golf Club, par 72

•The Sandhurst Junior Open

-73 (3rd)

-Sandhurst Golf Club, par 72

•Murray Downs Amateur Championship

-78, 76 (T12)

-Murray Down Golf & Country Club, par 72

•Royal Melbourne Junior Open

-75 (10th)

-Royal Melbourne Golf Club, par 72

•The Kew Junior Open

-74 (T4)

-Kew Golf Club, par 72

•La Trobe Junior Open

-76 (9th)

-La Trobe Golf Club, par 72

•Metropolitan Junior Open

-77 (T15)

-The Metropolitan Golf Club, par 72

Matchplay Pennant Teams

2017 - 2021 — Northern Golf Club Colts Pennant Team, Division 2 (Australia)

2015 - 2016 — Northern Golf Club Junior Pennant Team, Region 1 (Australia)

2012 - 2014 — Huapai Golf Club Junior Pennant Team, Division 1 (New Zealand)

Club distances meters (m) / yards (y)

Driver: 270m / 295y

Fairway wood: 245m / 268y

Hybrid: 225m / 246y

4 iron: 210m / 230y

5 iron: 190m / 207y

6 iron: 180m / 196y

7 iron: 170m / 186y

8 iron: 160m / 175y

9 iron: 150m / 164y

P wedge: 140m / 153y

50 degree wedge (Gap): 125m / 136y

56 degree wedge (Sand): 95m / 103y

60 degree wedge (Lob): 80m / 87y

Trackman Stats for 7 iron

Club path = -0.4 degree

Carry distance = 165 meters

Face to path = 0.6 degree

Ball speed = 124.4 mph

Spin axis = 2.3

Spin rate = 6234 rpm

Launch angle = 11.7 degree

Awards, press

2019 — Victorian Colts Pennant Winner.

2015 & 2016 — Captain of the Northern Junior Pennant Team.

2016 — Youngest player in history at Northern Golf Club to win a club championship at the age of 13.

2015 — Recipient of the sport award in school.

2013 & 2014 — Huapai Golf Club rising star.

Additional sporting info

I enjoy playing Tennis, watching the AFL (Australian Football League) and Formula 1.

What makes you different?

As a golfer, I am highly competitive and prepared to work extremely hard and go above and beyond to achieve my goals throughout the years and take on every suggestions made by coaches. Moving from New Zealand to Australia, I had to adapt with finding new friends, build strong relationship with coaches and members at a new golf course. And I believe that going through this phase in my life will help me fit in the U.S.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe that competing in the U.S can help me further develop my skills as a golfer significantly, it would also be a fun experience to compete with the top amateurs and hopefully by going down this path of playing college golf I am able to achieve my dream goal, which is to become a professional.

College Goals?

My college goal is to be able to play golf at an elite level. I want to build strong relationships with coaches and teammates and ultimately have a positive impact on the team I will be attending. As far as my educational goals I would like to obtain high grades and eventually earn a degree.

Anything else we should know?

I have strong leadership skills. During my time as captain of the pennant team, I led them to the state championship final. I listened to what my teammates have to say and prioritized the teams best interests.