Nico Mateus Barros

January 18, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Nico Barros, and I am a 17 year old male living in Toronto, Canada.
I am currently playing for North Toronto Soccer Club as a Center Midfielder in the League 1 U19 reserves team.
I will be graduating from St. Basil’s-the-great secondary school in June 2024.
My goal is to play in the professional leagues.




- North Toronto Soccer Club U19 League1 Reserves
- Team Ontario Xcel U17
- North Toronto Soccer Club U14-U17 OPDL

  • FTF x VSC Showcase 2023; U17 Division
  • Wesley Clover Cup 2022 in Ottawa, U16 Division


Additional sporting info

- FTF Combine Summer 2023, received "Man of the Match"
- FTF x VSC Showcase 2023; U17 Division, received "Man of the Match", "MVP" of the tournament, undefeated and team Champions
- Dallas Cup 2023; U17 Division, reached the quarter finals
- FTF x VSC Showcase 2022; U16 Division, received "Man of the Match" 2x
- Wesley Clover Cup 2022 in Ottawa, U16 Division; undefeated in the tournament and the team placed 1st of the division
- Charity Shield U15 semi-finalists
- Received Player of the year in U15
- Team Captain for U15 & U16/17

Personal Best

- Call ups to play for North Toronto League1 U21 Team and League 1 Ontario Team
- Selected for the 2023 Ontario U17 boys Provincial Xcel team, received "Man of the Match"

What makes you different?

I maintain grace and composure under pressure; with strong team player mentality, positive attitude on and off the field, phenomenal work ethic, and an outstanding player who is focused on achieving goals.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college soccer because I want to play at the highest level possible, help me develop as a player, and get a high quality education.
Also, playing college soccer will provide me a stage to showcase my talent and provide exposure to scouts and recruiters.

College Goals?

- Rookie of the year
- Best Player of the year
- Starting position consistently

Anything else we should know?

Participant in high performance training and in competitive soccer since 2014. Powerful center midfielder also, able to play in different positions. Strengths include; superb 1v1 ability, playing in tight spaces, ability to keep the ball, excellent ball distribution and creating goal scoring opportunities. Right footed but have the skill to use both left and right. Excellent command of game strategies, requirements and regulations, high soccer IQ.



Secondary School

St. Basil's The Great College

Completing my OSSD, Graduating in June 2024





FTF tournament in April won MVP of the tournament, along with winning the U17 division.

MVP of the year

U15 Best Player of the Year