Nicolaos Papavasilopoulos

April 11, 2001


About Athlete

My aim is to combine my academic studies as well as my sporting talent to the best of my ability. I have the dedication, motivation and ambition to work exceptionally hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent.


High School Grades:
FET Stage

Maths C, English B, Afrikaans B, Science A, Life Orientation A+,
Economics A+, Engineering Graphics Design A


Grade 3

1000m Boys U9 First Place Long jump Boys U9 Third Place 80m Boys U9 Second Place Junior Victor Ludorum General Knowlege An enquiring mind and excellence in Numeracy Natural Flair Information Technology The Living Maths Olympiad 2010 Grade 4 100 m Boys U10 Second Place 1200m Boys U10 First Place Academic Excellence Excellence in English Unbeaten U10 Cricket Team (A League) Second in Grade Four Grade 5 Unbeaten Team U11A Cricket Dedication and Commitment to Athletics Excellence in Cross Country Academic Excellence Third in Grade Five Conquesta 2012 Grade 6 Second Place U12 Boys 120m Third Place U12 Boys Long Jump First Place U12 Boys 100m Final Parklands College Personal Developmet Program Scholar of the Year Male Sports Performer of the Year Trophy Grade Six Commendation Soccer Player of the Year Trophy The Boy who Cares Trophy Academic Excellence Boys Cross Country Trophy Senior Preparatory Sports Tour 2013 Conquesta 2013 Natural Science Olympiad 2013 Robotics Trophy Participation in the final round of the World Robotics Olympiad South Africa 1st Place National Ranking in the preliminary round of the World Robotivs Olympiad Grade 7 Junior Victor Ludorum Athletics Edmondson Trophy for Best all Rounder Grade 7 Cruz Ocktober Trophy for most promising U13 Soccer Player Computer Talent Search Harmony SA Mathletics Olympiad

Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town School Challenge

Grade 8 Half colours in Academics Junior Boys Victor Ludorum Athletics De Aguiar U14 Junior Soccer Trophy Achieving most Merits Banango Traders Johannesburg School of Finance Grade 9 Half colours for Boys Soccer Junior Victor Ludorum Athletics U15 Wild Dogs Best Attacker UCT Mathletics Competition Grade 10 Harvard House Vice Captain Childline Peer Support Programme UCT Mathematics Competition 2017 Senior Victor Ludorum InterHouse Athletics South African Mathematics Olympiad Unicorn Award Best Movie 3rd Place De Beers English Olympiad Half Colours for Boys Soccer Crew Member for Alice in Wonderland 2017 Soccer Captain for School Team Grade 11 Ikapa United South African Dallas cup 2019 Gordon Jago Super Group Sunflower Ambassador 2018 Weskus Half Marathon 18 UCT Mathematics Competition  20 Trophy best  Script House Plays Trophy best Director House Plays 1st Place Harvard House Inter House Public Speaking Half colours for Soccer 2018 Soccer Captain Grade 12

Prefect 2019 Economics Olympiad Ikapa United Dallas Cup 2019 Gordon Jago Super Group Invitation to join the Motsepe League 2019

Greek School Cape Town Kumon

What makes you different?

I came across a saying that read …”Your Love makes me strong, and your hate makes me unstoppable.” Cristiano Ronaldo quoted this. I am an independent individual that has never followed masses, but humbly looked upon as a leader. I believe true leaders lead from the shadow never in the spotlight for personal recognition. My parents always reminded me to stay humble and grounded, a true attribute that has continued with me. It is about the journey and life lessons learnt.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Since I was four years old, my dream has been to play soccer professionally. As I have grown up, I have finally began to understand what my parents have tried to explain to me over the past couple of years, that in this day and age, it is essential that I “get a degree behind my name”. My second career option has always been architecture and has never changed, after two years of utter confusion on which career to focus more on as I grow even older, with the help from a friend, which is now currently studying in America, I was able to find the solution to my problem- To study and complete my desired course whilst playing at the competitive level that may take me one step closer to my dreams of playing soccer professionally and what better place to do it than the United States of America.

College Goals?

Being a very competitive person, as well as knowing my abilities and standards, I would like to, academically, finish in the top ten of my class.
With regards to soccer, I would like to push myself to even greater heights, to compete in national tournaments and use the amazing facilities and coaching to grant me a higher possibility of making it professional and getting a professional contract.