Nicole van Harten

January 13, 2002


About Athlete

For me its not about being better than everyone else but about being the best possible version of me. I am not afraid of failure. In fact, i think it is an essential part of the process that gets me to success.


2017:  - Regional Champion U16 Singles, Regional Champion U16 Doubles and Mixed Doubles 

  • Torneio de Pascoa U18, Winner (Singles and Doubles)
  • Torneio Juvenil de Abril Faro U16 Winner (Singles and Doubles)
  • 22 Circuito Nacional Marca Jovens Promesas, Winner (Singles)
  • Open Cidade Portimão U18 Winner  (Singles)
  • Regional Teams Champions U16
  • Torneio Juvenil Babolat U18, Winner (Singles and Doubles)

2018: - Regional Finalist U18, Regional Champion U18 Doubles and Mixed Doubles

  • Torneio Luis Jacob U18, Winner (Singles and Doubles)
  • Regional Teams Champions U18
  • Torneio Juvenil Babolat U18, Winner (Singles)
  • Balaia U16, Winner (Singles)
  • Torneio de Verão U18, Winner (Singles and Doubles)
  • Open Juvenil Balaia U16, Winner (Singles)
What makes you different?

I am friendly yet competitive, flexible, a team player, reliable and most of all hard-working and always wanting to learn and improve.

Why do you want to compete in college?

To combine sports with my academics because they both are important to me.

College Goals?

To get the best possible education while being part of a team and doing something i love.


CIV - Vilamoura International School 2011-2015 Porches - Nobel International School 2015-2017 Currently: Homeschooled