About Athlete

My name is Nikki I am 17, and I am a volleyball athlete from England, currently playing for the national team U19 women and am joining a new competitive club, The Boswells School.



TOEFL Total Score
ACT Score

-National England Volleyball Team U19 Women
-Club - The Boswells School
-Team Greenwich London Youth Games
-South East Inter-regional squad
-SideOut Women’s Div.1 London league

Additional sporting info

STAT'S (last recorded November 2022):
Height- 5'8
Seated Height- 88cm
SA Reach- 227cm
DA Reach- 226cm
Squat Jump- 35cm
Block Reach 260cm (Jump 36cm)
Spike Reach- 272cm (Jump 45cm)
Sprint 606's Left- 3.00s
Sprint 606's Right- 3.15s

Personal Best

My personal best experience is getting into the National team and competing in events with the team such as All Nations and tournaments. Developing over three years to the level I have achieved is one of my best fulfilments and I only plan on developing further to be the best player I can be. Another moment I would consider one of my personal best is winning the London Youth Games as captain for my team.

What makes you different?

I am a very optimistic and diligent player, volleyball is ultimately a team sport and I aim to always be as cooperative as possible, I am very adaptable and as previously mentioned I am a universal player and have played all positions on court. I strive to always achieve these five morals : perseverance, indomitable spirit, self-control, courtesy and integrity, which are characteristics that I learnt through my time as a taekwondo athlete. I am very competitive but aspire to channel that competitiveness to play to the best of my ability when on court and give my all in training. I have a lot to offer and am resilient to a variety of coaching styles, to not only personally progress but develop as a team. As a player who has primarily played most positions on court (S,OH,OP,L,DS) I have obtained skills that I not only physically must perform but mentally, I am a smart player and have seen the game of volleyball through a variety of lenses, I can read the game on court and I communicate it to my team, I am vocal which is crucial when in stressful situations and communication in defence and serve receive, I am able to read hitters, different patterns and most importantly import structure into the game. Ultimately, I strive to maintain a positive demeanour on and off of court, it all starts with a positive attitude and a good pass.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college as the level differentiation is much higher in the U.S and especially in the competitive environment of college level volleyball. This will assure me of better and bigger opportunities such as competition in different league's such as NCAA, NAIA and the NJCAA. College will offer a professional and athletic lifestyle as a volleyball athlete, maturing my skills to balance education and sport at the same time. Throughout my athlete/student journey, college will implement life skills as well as volleyball skills such as, confidence, independence, teamwork and regulation and with a combination of academics and sport I believe that I will be fully equipped with skills and experience to further my goals in the wider society.

College Goals?

To achieve a good educational qualification and improve in my sport. I hope too adapt to handling education and training life at the same time, as well as life in the U.S!



English A-level

Eltham Hill

English A-level is a course with a mixture of coursework and assessments that could last up to 2 hours. I study a variety of books such as The Great Gatsby and The Handmaids Tale and analyse and develop the language of English literature throughout British history, through poetry and contextual liberal arts.




Better gym sponsorship

I was congratulated a $200 award from the Better Gym organisation, dedicated towards my sport and success for getting into the national volleyball team. I put that money forward to buy new gear and equipment for my ankle and rehabilitation.

London Youth Games Championships

A regional competition, amongst a wide selection of teams. As captain of my team, Greenwich we were able to get to finals and win the overall championship.