Nikos Pontikis

December 30, 2004


About Athlete

I was born in Athens on December 30, 2004. From my very early age, my parents tried to get me involved in sports and I tried various sports such as swimming, tae kwo do … but the only thing that excited me was the soccer. I was fortunate enough to learn the basic elements of the sport very soon, but also the misfortune due to my age specificity to have to compete with athletes older than me, so I try twice to be able to respond. At the age of 10 I was rewarded for my effort as I was chosen by Panathinaikos FC, the best soccer academy in Greece and one of the best in Europe. At the same time, I have managed to achieve excellent student performance so far by harmoniously combining sport with the requirements of the school. My goal is to evolve daily both as an athlete and as a person.


Following NCAA guidelines Nikos’ GPA would meet U.S. requirements.



-selected as member for the 1st Ajax Youth Academy Team in Greece (Ajax Holland official licence)

-Juventus International Camp Greece with "Excelent" evaluation from Gianluca Pessoto and Christian Miccono (JSS).


- MVP and member of best team between 120 players from 9-15 years old in 1st Ajax Hellas tournament in Greece. Selected from Ajax Holland head scouter Ronald de Jong.


- Selected from Greece football federation as member of East Attica U13 National team segment.


- Selected from Panathinaikos Fc head scouts Dimitris Markos and Andreas Lagonikakis as member of Panathinaikos Fc academy.

Panathinaikos U10 (2013-2014), right extreme, 30 soccer races, 7 goals

Panathinaikos U11(2014-2015), stopper, 34 races, 2 goals

Panathinaikos U12(2015-2016), stopper, 37 races, 3 goals

Panathinaikos U13 (2016-2017), stopper, 28 races, 2 goals

Panathinaikos U14 (2017-2018), 31 races as right full back, 9 races as stopper and 3 races as left full back, 5 goals.

Panathinaikos U15 (2018-2019), current period.


- First place in the football championship of Gymnasium private schools in Greece with Ziridis Edu. Cap of the team and second scorer. 

-Integration with Panathinaikos FC soccer team in the final four of the Greek Super League U15.


-Transfer from the U16 team of Panathinaikos academy to the men's team of Ilisiakos that participates in the 1st category championship in the Attica region, the largest football region in Greece.

  • Announcement of the transfer to the electronic sports press :επσα/34-επσα/α-επσα/7099-έκλεισε-το-νεαρό-ποντίκη-ο-ηλυσιακός?fbclid=IwAR0o-G0npfq57cYrIDG1Rx7cYXcUmMrujEidwd2ShcUU5PzxpD1CIuyAllU


Races 2018-2019

Panathinaikos U15 (2018-2019), 20 races with U15 as a right full back and 10 races with U16 as a stopper.

Races 2019-2020

-Panathinaikos FC U16 (2019-2020), 23 races or 1620 race minutes as a right full-back. The championship stopped on March 16 due to covid-19.

- Ziridis EDU High School Socer Team, a key member of the team as a rookie in the National High School Championship. Ten races as of right and left full-back until the championship is stopped due to covid-19.

What makes you different?

The qualities that I believe to help me stand out are passion, discipline, diligence, self-confidence, modesty and focus on the goal.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I strongly believe that the combination of education and sport at a high level is the best asset for evolution as a man and athlete.

College Goals?

My main goal is to study Management and in particular Sports Management and at the same time contestant with the college soccer team to improve as a soccer player helping the team to reach as high as possible. My goal is with my graduation to be ready either to fight professionally as a soccer player or to become a good professional in the field of sports management.

Anything else we should know?

The reason I start this effort since I was 14 years old is that I love soccer very much and America has, as I have been informed, the best system that combines education and sport through colleges.