Nina Marie Wilson

April 9, 2000


About Athlete

I have a strong determination for success and I believe that if
you put in hard work and mind to it, anything is possible.


High School Grades: 3.0 GPA


-Competed in the Youth Olympic Asia Qualifier
-Captained U17 Thailand national team
-1 st place at Phuket International 10s tournament
-Achieved player of the year (Bangkok Belles)

What makes you different?

I have the motivation to strive and I don’t give up until I achieve my
goals. I’m a fast learner and eager to improve. Even though I started
playing rugby in 2016, I’ve come so far in a short period of time;
becoming the captain of the U17s Thai national team, after playing
rugby for less than a year.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to continue my passion in rugby. Playing against high level
teams/players will improve my rugby greatly. I would like to learn
from the best and I’m up for challenges. Even though I want to
compete in college, I also want to meet new people and make

College Goals?

I want to succeed academically, as well as the sporting aspect.
Getting a higher education is important for me and my future.
I want to study in the sports field because it wouldn’t just benefit
myself as an athlete, but I would also like help other athletes
succeed in their own life goals, whether it’s through rehabilitation or

Anything else we should know?

I’m very athletic and I’ve tried many different types of sports during
my school days. Playing and competing in basketball, soccer,
volleyball, badminton, track and field. I wanted to give rugby a try
since it was a sport that I never played before. I fell in love with the
game and its culture that I decided to continue playing: taking the
game more seriously.
I mainly play 7s or 10s in Thailand because there isn’t any women’s
team that play 15s here. In order to play 15s, I train with U18 boys’
team and play against other junior teams around Bangkok. I’ve
really enjoyed 15s and would like to carry on playing, and learning
more about playing 15s.