March 26, 2023

About Athlete

My main aim is strongly to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I have the experience and motivation ,also to work hard and learn in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent and actualize my dreams…..


Anatomy B,
Histology A,
Physiology A
Biochemistry c
Bioorganic chemistry B
Medical chemistry A
Hygiene A
Biology c
Microbiology A
Surgery c
Path morphology B
Path physiology B
Social medicine B
Pharmacology A
Side effects of drugs A
Physical training A
Pediactrucs B
Internal medicine c


Ukraine American football championship..(current status champions)

1 gold medal as champion of Ukrainian American football league c

What makes you different?

Adapts quickly and easily,
always ready to learn and work on my mistakes,
am always reliable
Deeply committed
I don't ever give up,
Always striving to be the best

Why do you want to compete in college?

A great way to actualize my dream,
And The opportunity for more experience
Which would chanel me into actualizing of my dream

College Goals?

Make good grades
Leave a good impact at the university
Make my family proud