Oliver Morris

February 27, 2006


About Athlete

I am Oliver Morris, and my passion lies in pursuing a career in professional golf. My home is in the city of Dublin, Ireland, where I live with my family and currently attend Wesley College, where I am in my final year of study.

My life is balanced, yet golf is very much my top priority. When I’m not in my school, you’ll typically find me at one of the two local golf courses, either enjoying a round, honing my short game, or perfecting my swing at the practice range. These clubs have become an important part of my social life, building friendships with people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, I take immense pride in sharing my knowledge and skills by coaching the younger generation at the academy, mentoring kids ranging from 9 to 14 years old.


As part of my current schedule, I am studying for the sats.


I proudly represent Carrickmines Golf Club at various levels including the Senior Men’s Golf Team and the U18 Junior Team.

Additional sporting info

I have played in the below events in recent years.
- 2nd in leister schoolboys’ competition (state equivalent) - 74 Gross.
1st in Club Medal competition - 70 gross
T9 Wicklow Boys Open (regional equivalent) - 75,73,81 & 77 Gross.
T22 in Irish Boys Open (national equivalent) – 74 & 72 Gross.

Personal Best

67 in home club -4.

What makes you different?

Seven years ago, I teed off for the very first time and I found myself instantly fascinated with the game. The initial curiosity I felt has since growing into an untiring obsession making golf become considerably more than just a hobby.
This relentless passion, fuelled by my natural hunger to compete has driven me to make a commitment to my life goal: achieve greatness at the highest level of Golf. Day in and day out, I am focused on improving my skills, refining my technique, and working towards this goal.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I firmly believe that pursuing a path through American colleges represents the optimal route for reaching professional level golf. My goal extends beyond simply excelling in the sport; I aim to acquire a sports-related degree that will not only enhance my knowledge but also serve as a catalyst in propelling my career forward. As a well-rounded individual, I understand the value of a holistic education and the benefits it can bring to my development as a golfer.

College Goals?

My college aspirations revolve around a multi-faceted approach to both academics and golf. Firstly, I am eager to compete in a high level of golf, targeting national, regional, and state championships to showcase my skills. In tandem with this, my commitment extends to acquiring a sports-related degree, one that not only furthers my education but also serves as a strategic stepping stone in accelerating my career within the sports industry. Beyond academics, my college years will also see me diligently preparing to qualify for the PGA Tour during summer breaks. I’ll be using this as an opportunity to size myself up with the best of the best.



Wesley College

final year

Going into final year in school and hoping to go to university in 2024