Oscar Alexander Dennett

November 20, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Oscar Alexander Dennett and I´m a tennis player from Oslo, Norway with dual Norwegian and British nationality. My goal from my time at college is to reach the highest possible level of competitive tennis, build a network within the international tennis community and achieve a high academic level in my chosen field. I believe I have much to contribute to both tennis and college life in general.



TOEFL Total Score
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Oslo Tennis club and Ullevål Tennis club

  • Winner Single UTR age 13-19 Asker, (28.06.2020)
  • Winner Single Halden Singles u16, (27.09.2020)
  • Final Single Open Age UTR Stavern (21.11.2021)
  • Quarter final Norwegian Championship Mens Doubles, (17.12.2021)
  • Winner Moss UTR Doubles (11.03.2022)
  • Semi final Regional Championship u19 (10.09.2022)
  • Final Norwegian Cup Doubles u19 (18.03.2023)
  • Finalist Grand Prix Doubles (16.07.2023)
  • Winner Norwegian Cup Singles u19 (09.08.2023)
  • Finalist Norwegian Cup Doubles u19 (09.08.2023)
  • Winner Regional Championship u19 (20.08.2023)
Additional sporting info

As well as tennis, I participate in many other sports, some to a high level. I am a decent middle-distance runner in track & field, and ran a 1.58 800m when I was 15 and run a 10k comfortably under 40 minutes. I ski (both cross country and alpine, although I prefer the latter - especially back-country and off-piste). I play football, golf, volleyball and basketball, to name a few.

Personal Best

Best Serve: Yet to test
Utr singles:

Utr doubles: 7, hopefully improve recently beat a 10.5 and a 9 in utr’s.

What makes you different?

Unlike many of my contemporaries, I started tennis late (when I was about 12) and have made significant progress to bring my level close to those who started much younger. I am a quick learner, capable of analyzing my own game as well as receiving and reacting to input from others. I am determined, mentally strong and intelligent, achieving excellent grades at school at the same time as dedicating much time to tennis. I am a naturel athlete, with the ability to run exceptional times but also work hard at the physical part of my game, gaining strength and stamina through hard work. I am also empathetic, with good communication skills and the ability to bring together individuals into a team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College tennis, and the competition it offers, will give me the best possible opportunity to develop my tennis game while at the same time improving my ability to compete in competition and pursue my goal of becoming a professional tennis player. By surrounding myself with the best players, and competing weekly at the highest possible level, I plan to lift the level of my game as quickly and effectively as possible while becoming an asset to my college and tennis as a whole.

College Goals?

College goals
Achieve a first-class degree in my chosen field of study
Participate in the academic life of the college and contribute in a positive way to the college´s profile and academic output
Be a regular member of the 1st team for tennis
Be a positive asset for the tennis teams
Prepare for a life in tennis after college, ideally as a professional tennis player
Be a mentor and coach for new members of the team
Be an active member of the college´s sporting community and contribute both socially and to the continuous improvement of the standards and level

Anything else we should know?

Because of the severe lack of competitive tennis in Norway I have been unable to reach a UTR level which properly reflects my tennis level. I will do everything I can to improve my UTR over the next year, but opportuniteis to do so in Norway are rare. I think the videos are more reflective of my level than the UTR.



Foss High School

Foss Videregående Skole