Oskar Juel Norborg

February 26, 2003


About Athlete

One of the advantages I have compared to other student-athletes is that I am very good at combining schoolwork and training. Over the years I have been training as much as I possibly can while also maintaining good grades. I am a hard worker both when it comes to tennis and school. When there is something I want to get done or improve, I won’t stop until it is done.


Gym A (5), French A (5), Geography A (5), Theoretical mathematics B (4), Social studies A (5), Top sports tennis A (6), Training theory A (5), English A (5), Science A (5)

Norway’s grading scale is between 1-6. 1 being the worst and 6 being the highest grade possible


Blommenholm tennis club (BSTK)

  • NESODDEN U12 CHALLENGE», Win U12 (11.20.2015)
  • Mercedes Cup», Win U14 (07.02.2016)
  • HEAD Open rankingfri U14, U16 og U19», 2nd place U16 (12.08.2017)
  • Regional championship», semi final singles, final doubles (08.30.2018)
  • U14 og U16 Challange», 2nd place U16 (03.22.2019)
  • "Norwegian championship”, 1st round main draw U19 (08.01.2020)
  • "Norwegian championship” 2nd round main draw U19 (10.02.2020)
  • Regional championship», Win U19. (09.03.2020)
Additional sporting info

In addition to playing tennis, I also played a lot of soccer and handball, and a competed in cross-country skiing during my childhood. Even though I wanted to keep doing all of the sports, I had to make a choice because there wasn’t enough time in a week to train and compete in all of them.

Personal Best

Best Serve: 112 MPH

UTR: 7.66

Right handed

What makes you different?

I am a friendly person who gets along with most people. When I am in the right environment, I have an extreme drive and focus towards improving as a person and as a tennis player. During my childhood I was always playing multiple sports which has led to me being healthy and athletic.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to see how far I can develop my tennis, and I think college in the US is the best way to do that while also getting a good education.

College Goals?

Graduate with a good education. Meet a lot of new people and make friends. Compete at a very high level of tennis, for titles and championships in the name of my school.



Nadderud High School

Graduation year: 2022