Michael Owens

June 24, 2003


About Athlete

My name is Michael Owens, I’m currently 20 years old and I’m looking forward to transfer next semester to a new university…
I currently started my first year in August on Concordia University, Seward NE.
I’m American/ Peruvian and I have played soccer my whole life… I’m left footed but usually use both right and left.
Coming to study and become an student athlete wasn’t in my plans because I’ve always wanted to play professional soccer.
I made my professional debut when I was 17 years old in the First Divison Professional league in Peru and formed part of the Peru U20 National Team…
I was plannin to keep on the route I was but I realized that I would have better opportunities here in the Us and think this is a good place to challenge me to become a better player and make it professional here.

I was new and didn’t know much about the college soccer level here so I decided to attend to Concordia but then I found out that there are more competitive leagues and I’m currently looking forward to transfer and play in one of those leagues.




Academia Deportiva Cantolao - Peru
Club Regatas Lima - Peru
Concordia University - Actual

Additional sporting info

Got invited to a Orlando City try out on my summer vacations on 2021 and got accepted but because of COVID and my financial situation wasn’t well at the moment I didn’t have somewhere to stay because I lived in Peru and the club couldn’t offered me I place to stay due COVID situation.
Also was in Inter of Miami on 2022 for a short time when I was in Miami
Was sponsored by Adidas
Made my pro debut at 17 year old

Personal Best

10 goals - 12 assist

What makes you different?

I think I’m a really smart player, I’ve been playing my whole life so I life for this sport.
I believe I’m a really skillful, technical and smart player.
I know how to read the opponents movements or anticipate their plays.
I also believe for my age I have a good soccer background and lots of experience playing with professional players and being in that environment.
To finish I also think I’m and agrees I’ve played in the good way, what I mean is I know how to pressure the opponent and goo hard to every ball

Why do you want to compete in college?

If I being honest playing soccer in college wasn’t in my plans but people around me told me I should try it and I also believe it can be a place where it can challenge me to become a better player and also can help my to achieve my goals and get the exposure I also need l.

College Goals?

Become a better version of myself
Being scouted by a professional soccer club
Get a bachelor degree
Achieve Great things ( individual and group)



Colegio Liceo Naval Almirante Guise

High school - Colegio Liceo Naval Almirante Guise