Pablo Gomez Cano

January 2, 2004


About Athlete

My objective is to continue competing in the highest leagues to promote my soccer skills and achieve my dream of playing in the Major League Soccer while I study a university degree.


Maths - 4.00
Physical education - 4.00
Religion - 4.00
French - 4.00
English - 4.00
Philosophy - 3.00
Economy - 3.00
History - 3.00
Grammar - 3.00

GPA: 3.53

SAT Total Score
Score: 1240

Positions: Left winger | Right winger | Centre forward

Other positions: False 9

  • Among all my abilities these standout above all: the air game, speed, pressure, dribble and goal


-League top scorer. 36 goals/ 23 matches (2014-15)

-League winner (2014-2015)

-League top scorer. 24 goals/ 22 matches (2015-16)

-League top scorer (until I played for another team in the midseason). 20 goals/ 12 matches (2016-2017)

-“Costa del Sol International Cup” finalist U14 (2017)

-“Costa Blanca Cup” winner (one of the largest international youth soccer tournaments in Europe) U14 (2017)

-Honorary division player who scored the most goals against Real Madrid in the league (3) (2017-2018)

-Top scorer of my team being the youngest player, 13 goals (2018-2019)

-“Evergrande Championship” finalist. U16 (2019)

- League champions (2020-2021)

Awards, press

The awards are previously cited in the “championships” section.

Additional sporting info

Debut with the first team, with only 16 years old, which plays in the fourth highest professional league in Spain

I have never been injured in 11 years playing soccer

Full videos:

Both are 2019 videos, second link is the first half and third link is the second half of a match against the best team of China called “Guangzhou Evergrande”; the first video is against the same team but once I signed with a Spanish Second Division team called C.F Fuenlabrada

What makes you different?

One of the things that makes me different from the rest is my courage to face new challenges and exit my comfort zone in order to gain new life experience and grow in many ways. I would highlight as well my perseverance, enthusiasm and strong discipline.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete for a college league because there is a high level of competitiveness and I think it can help me to develop as a soccer player at the same time that I get to know American culture.

College Goals?

My goal is to work hard to be able to play in the best leagues in the United States while studying a degree that allows me to have a fulfilling and successful working career. I want soccer to always be an important part of me and enjoy the opportunity of combining it with other aspects of my life.

Anything else we should know?

I have been one of the winners of the “Concurso de Primavera” , a math tournament in which more than 4000 students selected from all over the Community of Madrid competed with each other.