Pantazidis Christos

October 17, 2002

About Athlete




JUNE 2018 Portugal Argalve Pro golf tour:77,83 [73 par] Portugal Argalve Pro golf tour:78,78 [71 par] APRIL 2018 Hellenic Stroke Play Championship:79,76,80,84
MAY 2018 Corfu international matchplay chanpionship:76,72 [72 par] JULY 2018 Hellenic Match Play:77 [73 par] SEPTEMBER 2018 Costa Navarino Club Championship 2018:71,70 1st place

What makes you different?

feel that what differentiates me is that i always have positive thoughts. I commit to my goals with dedication and persistence, especially under pressure. I am cooperative and i have the ability to adapt very easily, which combined with my self awareness helps me achive my goals

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to find the best golf program that will provide me with the resources to take my game to the next level. Furthermore, I look forward to combine my sport with education which is positive investment for my career

College Goals?

I want to study psychology and more specifically sports psychology or sports management because i believe that this will help me with my career in golf too and gain the experience yhat will help me make better decisions in my life after college