Parker Mork

April 23, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Parker Mork. I am a 2024 Graduate from Thunder Bay, Ontario. I am looking to play at the college/university level after I graduate high school. I am an attacking minded player with lots of pace to bring to any team. I love to compete and work hard to bring as much as I can to my team. I have future ambitions of playing professional soccer at a high level anywhere around the world. I believe the college route is a step in the right direction for helping me achieve this goal.



SAT Total Score

Thunder Bay Chill


2017 and 2020 Golden Boy champion

2022 Indoor Ontario Cup champion

2023 USA Cup champion

Additional sporting info

Selected to play in the 2022 Exact Sports all star team in Chicago.
Selected to play in the 2022 Future Stars Sports Youth all star team.

Personal Best

What makes you different?

What makes me different is my drive and work ethic. Here in Thunder Bay, my club has been without a proper facility during our long winters since 2017. We are stuck playing in a hockey rink filled with turf for 5-6 months of the year. I value my summer season and use the time to work at improving my game. I believe that the unfortunate outcome of soccer in Thunder Bay has helped me grow stronger mentally as a player.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe that education is just as important as my soccer career. College is a great option that allows me to continue to grow both academically and athletically. I hope to use my college years to improve my overall game as much as I possibly can to reach the next step and achieve my goals.

College Goals?

My college goals are to surround myself with the right people, in the right environment, in order to help my team. Dong this will move me closer to my overall goal to play at the professional level. College/university is a great pathway to pro for kids in North America. I want to learn as much as I can from players and coaches who do things different from what I am used to.

Anything else we should know?

I have been a multi sport athlete. I participated in American football at the high school level in 2022 and 2023. In 2022, I was named offensive player of the year for Junior football. In 2023, I was named Rookie of the year for Senior football. From 2019-2021 I participated and competed in short distance track and field events. Specifically, I competed in the the 100m, 200m, and 400m.




Westgate CVI soccer MVP

2022 and 2023
i won my high school teams soccer MVP the past 2 years as well as finishing top scorer for my team in both seasons.