Paul Ige

December 3, 2000


About Athlete

I am exited about the next phase of my life both academically and sportwise. I am an experienced rugby player and highly motivated to pursue my dreams and make meaningful contribution to college rugby and campus life throughout my time in college.  


Following NCAA guidelines Paul’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements


Sporting achievements

Position: Loose head 1

Alternate Position: Tight head 3

Bench Press (1 Rep Max): 130

Squat (1 Rep Max): 210

Deadlift (1 Rep Max): 170

100m split time: 15

Highest rep level: Academy week Western Province

Current team: Rondebosch second team

Current League: A+(highest league)

Awards and Achievements

Academy week representative (provincial)

Highest scorer for 2018

Best aspect of your game: Carries and kicking for poles


What makes you different?

I am unique because I am a prop (loosehead) who can kick for poles as well as play at a provincial level which in South Africa is pre-professional qualification. This has shown me that anything is possible and that dreams do come true. I am looking forward to achieving more success in my rugby career because my love for the game grows each year and the opportunities in rugby keep getting better. My main goal is to do the very best I can for my team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Down in South Africa we take high school rugby very seriously. This

is also a great deal of responsibility since the team, aka brothers, count on you to represent them to the best of your ability. College level rugby provides the opportunity to continue to play competitive sport, with embedded social skills learning at an advanced level, and I will have the opportunity to hone my athletic skills as well. The combination of academics and athleticism will provide the right kind of discipline for both my mind and body

College Goals?

To work hard, give my best and excel in academics and rugby.

Anything else we should know?

I play drums and also tried rowing, hockey, and cricket, represented my school in discus and recently I have come to enjoy playing squash with my friends.