Pedro Manuel Correia Aguiar Vicente

January 17, 2001


About Athlete

My objective is to combine the practice of the sport that fascinates me the most with the best academic career possible. In regard to tennis, I intend to build a career as a player, coach and/ or as a club manager. Having in mind the academic side, my goal is to obtain as much knowledge as possible in order to grow as an individual.


High School Grades: Socioeconomics Course (C61)
Graduation Note: 122,2 (200)
Application Note: 126,6 (200)
Mathematics A: 10 (20)
Portuguese: 10 (20)
Economics A: 12 (20)
Economics C: 14 (20)
Geography A: 12 (20)
Geography C: 16 (20)
English: 12 (20)
Philosophy: 12 (20)
Physical education: 14 (20)


UTR: 10

Best serve: 99,5 mph

Best National Ranking:
- U12: n.º 12
- U14: n.º 1
- U16: n.º 10
- U18: n.º 12
- Senior: N.º 24

Best Tennis Europe Ranking
BOYS 14 & Under (2015): 788
BOYS 16 & Under (2015): 1096



  • International Atlanti League (Oct/19): 6th place
  • X Torneio Stanto António Olivais (Sep/19): semifinalist
  • Torneio de Verão CITL (Jun/19): finalist
  • Coimbra Regional Championship (Feb/19): semifinalist


Under 18

  • J3 Lousada (Oct/19): 1st round Qualifier
  • J5 Vila do Conde (Aug/19): 1st round Qualifier
  • J4 Porto (Aug/19): 2nd round Qualifier
  • J4 Leiria (Aug/19): 1st round Qualifier
  • Porto Open Junior (Jul/19): Quarter-finals
  • Teams’s National Championship (Jun/19): semifinalist
  • Setubal Junior (Mar/19): Quarter-finals


Additional sporting info

National Team Championship:
- U14: Semifinalist
- U16: Semifinalist
- U18: Semifinalist (twice)

Regional Team Championship:
- U12: Winner (twice)
- U14: Winner
- U16: Winner (twice)
- U18: Winner

What makes you different?

I consider myself a very competitive person. When it comes to play as a team, I go above and beyond. I have the energy and the joy to take me and my teammates to achieve higher goals.

Why do you want to compete in college?

As a tennis player, my ultimate goal is to play professionally. Besides, I greatly value education, and that is why I want to come to the USA, because they have a great and supportive system. The American college sports is the best way to achieve both of them.

College Goals?

I want to graduate with distinction and be the num-ber one of the college team. I want to help the team to win the Conference Championship.

Anything else we should know?

I was a member of a list that run in an election for the Students Association Board. I was the responsible for the Sports Activities.