Phenyo Phithi

Track and Field
March 18, 2003


About Athlete

My name is Phenyo Phithi, an 800m specialist from Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve always loved athletics (track and field) and have had a rocky(not having that much coaching in primary) , but consistent relationship with it since primary school. My main objective in furthering my education or reaching college is to be prepared for a professional career in both my academic and sport.




1. Randfontein High School Athletics Team - 2017 to 2020
Represented the school team in friendlies, Inter-highs, various schools challenges, Sub-district and District levels(2018-2020).
2. Randfontein High School Panthers Group - 2018, 2019, 2020
Was part of the top 20 high performers of the school athletics team. Same competitions as in 1, just competing as a select group.
3. Brakpan Athletics Club - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Competed under the club in league races, various meets and Inter-Provincial Champs
4. Gauteng West District (D2) Team - 2019, 2020
Represented team in Gauteng Provincial High School Championships (Provincial level)
5. Gauteng Provincial High Schools Team - 2020
Was selected for team earmarked to compete in National High School Championships before the impact of Covid-19.
6. Central Gauteng Athletics Inter-provincial Team - 2020, 2021
Selected to represent team for ASA Junior Championships, which took place in 2021 but nationals cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020.

  • 2018:

1. Randfontein Sub-District Schools Competition - u15 boys 400m, 1st in heat (2nd overall) with 1:00;0

2. Gauteng West District(D2) Schools Championship - u15 boys 400m, 4th in heat(top 12 overall) with 57,22

3. Top 30 ,High Schools Meeting (October):

-u15 boys 800m, 12th in heat (2:18)

-u15 boys 400m, 59s


January to March Season

1. Randfontein Sub-district Schools Competition - u17 800m boys Champion, 2:06 PB

2. Gauteng West (D2) Regional Schools Championships - u17 800m boys Silver medallist, 2:02 (unofficial PB)

3. Gauteng Provincial High Schools Championships:

-u17 800m boys semi-finalist, 6th in heat with 2:03

-u17 800m boys finalist, 9th overall with 2:03;29

4. Central Gauteng Athletics Clubs Inter-Provincial Champs - u17 youth boys, 5th overall with 2:03


5. Twizza Superschools Series - u16 800m boys finalist , 2nd in final(5th overall including heat's times) 2:01;98 PB

5. Top 30, High Schools Meeting:

- u16 800m boys finalist, 7th in final(7th overall) 1:59;91 PB

- u16 400m boys heat 4, 1st in 400m heats( 7th overall) 52;04 PB



January to March Season

1. PUMA Challenge (Ruimsig) - u17 800m boys, 2nd in heat (13th overall) with 2;01

2. Sub-district Schools Competition - u17 800m boys Champion, 400m Champion

3. Gauteng West (D2) Regional Schools - u17 800m boys Champion, 1:55 (unofficial PB)

- u17 400m boys Silver medallist, 50;34 (unofficial PB)

4.Gauteng Provincial High Schools Championships:

-u17 400m boys semi-finalist, 4th in semi with 2;01

-u17 800m boys Bronze Medallist , 1:57;72 PB

5. PUMA Challenge ( Tuks, Pretoria) :

-u17 400m boys heat 6, 2nd with 50;95 PB

-u17 400m boys final, Bronze medallist, 50;79 PB

6. Central Gauteng Athletics Clubs Inter-Provincial Champs (CGA):

- u17 800m boys Champion, 1:57;46 PB

- u17 400m boys Bronze Medallist, 1st in heat (3rd overall) 51;04



February to April

1. Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA)Clubs Inter-Provincial Junior (u20)Champs - 800m Silver medallist, 1:54;44 PB

2. Athletics South Africa (ASA) National Junior Championships - u20 800m men semi-finalist, 7th in semi-final with 1:57

Additional sporting info

Started 800m in 2018 with a former PR of 2:16 in my first race(February) to 2:14 in September (2 races). I have made it my main event from 2019 with a former PR of 1:59;91 for the year.

Played schools 7's Rugby as backline mainly, from 2016 to 2018. I was also a converter/ kicker.

Played Club Rugby from 2016 to 2018 as wing, flyhalf and fullback. I was a converter/kicker for several games with each season.

Went for Golden Lions Rugby Trials (u13 boys) in 2016, 8th grade.

Personal Best

800m - 1:54;44
400m - 50;79
600m - 1:21;63

What makes you different?

I value the personal growth that comes with my progression in athletics, which positively influences other aspects of my life including my academics. Being a learner-athlete from my first grade continuously taught me about the importance of preparation for the future and improving. I believe every current step sets you up for the next.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe college will assist me in achieving my goals and be an imperative step in establishing my future. Since there is an opportunity to be a student-athlete in college I can rely on all skills I'll acquire not only in academics but in sports too. Also, I believe colleges abroad provide much opportunities for exposure, competitiveness and high levels of organisation in some situations.

College Goals?

I want to graduate in my major and make the best possible progress I can in my sport. I also aim to be prepared in the necessary skills and mindset for a professional career in athletics and my major.



Matric (NQF level 4)

Randfontein High School

Graduated/ Completed high school level education with an average of 69% over 7 subjects : Mathematics, English Home Language, Afrikaans, Physical Sciences , Geography, Business Management and Life Orientation.




Athletics Full Colours

Received honours for representing Gauteng West District (D2) team at Provincial level.

Rugby Half Colours

Part of 4 players chosen by coaches for their efforts during the season.

Half Colours (Rugby)

Part of 4 players chosen for their efforts during the rugby season.

Best Backline Player (Beste Agterspeler)

Awarded as best u15 boys Randfontein Rugby Club Backline Player.

Full Colours

Part of the u16 Boys school rugby team that were runners up in the 7's Warrior League.

Coaches Award (Rugby)

Award for player chosen by coaches for efforts during the season.