Philip Gloveus

August 13, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Philip and I play golf. I come from Sweden and I play for NSGolfklubb, in Norrköping.



SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Nsgk Jsm team 2022
Atvidabergs high school team



Additional sporting info

I have played many other sports but a favorite is Padel. As I play at regional level.

Personal Best

Best placements
T3- Hagge Jmi 2022: 71-77 par 71
4- Jmi swedbag 2022: 70-71 par 72
T4- öjo jmi 2021: 71-73 par 73
5-Teen tour 2021: 77-72 par 72

Personal best score
69: Nsgk open by dalaro shipping. Par 72, 2023
68: hofgard junior open. Par 70, 2022
70: jmi swedbag. Par 72, 2022
71: öjo jmi. Par 73, 2021
71: jmi swedbag. Par 72, 2022
72: Teen tour Elite x2. Par 72, 2022
71: delsjo jmi. Par 71, 2022
74: Swedish junior tour. Par 74, 2023

What makes you different?

Possibly because I love being myself and I don't take anything for granted,
I love to compete and always aiming to be better every time I’m going practice.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to play and go to college both for golf and academics. I think you get both challenging tasks in golf and compete against better players at the same time as you get good studies

College Goals?

My big goal with college golf is to make many and good contacts. Of course come out on the possible PGA tour




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