Rashid Harp González

December 22, 2006


About Athlete

Hello, I hope you’ve been enjoying your day. My name is Rashid Harp González, I’m 16 years old, I play baseball and I’m looking for a great college where I could play the best baseball level and study something I like. I’m on my 11th year of high school and I play infield, especially short stop and second base.




Guerreros de Oaxaca 2016-2022

Alfredo Harp Helu Profesional Academy 2023-continue there

Vikings 2021-continue playing


Monte Albán league championship x4

Season MVP: X4

Ambassadors World Series championship: x1

Called to reforce teams in playoffs: x3

All star game: x6

Games won against Guerreros Winter team: x1

Additional sporting info


Personal Best

60 yard dash: 6.7 seconds.
.421 batting avg.
15 stolen bases on last 12 games.

What makes you different?

What makes me different from the rest of players is my mentality and my mental work on the game. I know baseball is a difficult sport, because beside of the strength and speed, the most part of the game is mental, knowing what to do before and after a play, how to react in case of something goes in a way that wasn’t planned. I have the control and the balance of this two.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to play in MLB, but first I want to study, and a way of making this possible is playing on a D1 college, where I can play against the best of the country and show the Mexican power.

College Goals?

In studies, to get all the knowledge possible and obbiously study something I love.
In baseball, as I said, show all my preparation and enjoy the game.

Anything else we should know?

I’m going to do the possible and impossible to achieve my goals.


11th year
Blaise Pascale Institute



Local league champion

Last week I played the local league playoffs, where I was MVP. On quarters of final, we won the two games, in the first one I hit for 4-3, with 2 doubles and a single, with 5 rbi and 2 stolen bases. In the second one, I went 3-3, with a triple, a double and a running hit, with 6 rbi and 1 stolen base. On semifinals we played 3 games, were I hit 7-12, with 2k, 2 groundout and a fly out, and 4 doubles and 3 singles. Then in the final, we closed it out in 2 games, were I hit 6-8, with a running HR, 2 doubles and 3 singles. I won the mvp award.