Renato Vieira

October 23, 2000

About Athlete

In order to be the best, you have to give 110%. Fortunately for me, I am willing to give so much more.

I am a unique player with a big heart and a lot of determination and feel as though I can add certain aspects to the team I play for all while getting a world class education that I can go forward into the world with. I understand it will take many late nights and early mornings, long training sessions, blood, sweat and tears, but I will never give up and I am willing to go through the highs and the lows that can be expected and promise to always give my all no matter the consequences.


Following NCAA guidelines Renato’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.


Season - Games Played: 14

Career - Games Played:

School – 140+-

Club – 200+- (grade 2 until grade 9)

Season - Games Started: 13

Career - Games Started: 110+-

Season - Penalty Kicks Attempts: 0

Career - PK Attempts:

School – 12+-

Club – 8+-

Season - PK Attempts Made: 1

Career - PK Attempts Made:

School – 15+-

Club – 12+-

Season - Yellow Cards: 0

Career - Yellow Cards:

School – 2

Club – 4

Season - Red Cards: 0

Career - Red Cards: 0

Season - Goals: 2

Career - Goals:

School – 45+- (used to play as wing)

Club – 20+-

Season - Assists: 3

Career - Assists:

School – 65+-

Club – 55+-

Season - Points: 36

Career - Points:

School – 225

Club - 375

Season - Shots: 5 Shots

Career - Shots:

School – 70+-

Club – 55+-

Season - Shots On Goal: 4 Shots on target

Career - Shots On Goal:

School – 47+-

Club – 34+-

Season - Game Winning Goals: 0

Career - Game Winning Goals:

School – 7+-

Club – 4+-

Additional sporting info

Played for Waterstone High performance Program

Have been given a trial at an academy in Polokwane

I try and remain fit and strong by playing rugby and currently play for our schools first team

What makes you different?

I have a distinctive way of playing in the midfield with an aggressive approach on defense and offense. My vision makes me a strong asset as I am capable of picking out passes most normal players don’t see. I am also a natural leader and can cope well under pressure. Most of all I am a dedicated player with a lot of heart and I am also a very hard worker on and off the pitch.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My sporting ability has always been greater than that of my academic ability and I see playing college sports as an opportunity to study in a good college and get my degree and possibly take my football career to the next level.

College Goals?

I would like to be a key player in my team, I would also like to strive on the pitch and in the classroom so that I can get my degree and one day make something of myself. I would also love to try and achieve my childhood dream by going for professional trials.

Anything else we should know?

Received Half colours for soccer from my school.

Received the honour of being the head of my hostel.