Rio Saigal

September 23, 2003


About Athlete

As a member of the Class of 2022 from the United Kingdom, I am determined to achieve my goal of playing collegiate golf in the United States. College golf will present me with the best platform to compete against the world’s best developing amateur golfers. With pursuits of one day playing professional golf, I am extremely process-driven and motivated to train as hard as any collegiate golfer to turn my professional golf pursuits into a reality.

SAT Total Score

St Clement Danes School



Hertfordshire South-West Hertforshire league team U18's winners (Bushey Hall Golf Club)


Hertfordshire Itour order of merit winner - U14


Hertfordshire Itour order of merit winner - U14


Hertfordshire junior champion club U18: 77

Hertfordshire schools team championship U18: 75 (7th)


Hertfordshire boys championship U16: 72, 79 (6th)

Faldo Series England Southern 2 U16: 82, 83, 767 (t12th)

Berkamsted Junior Open U18: 71 (1st place)

The Grove Junior Open U18: 76 (8th)

Ashridge Junior Open U18: 75 (3rd)

Essendon Junior Open U18: 78 (3rd)

Tyrell Hatton Junior Masters U17: 75 (3rd)


Hertfordshire u18's Boys Scratch Order of Merit Winner.

Moor park Men's Order of Merit Winner.

Knebworth junior open- 76 (3rd)

The grove junior open- 72 (1st)

Arkley junior open- 73 (2nd)

Shendish manor junior open- 72 (2nd)

Moor park junior competition- 71 (1st)

Moor park men's Meighan Bowl- 75

Moor park men's Hayward Cup- 74

Moor park men's Directors Bowl- 73

Moor park men's Medal- 71

Moor park men's Charles Pascall- 74

Moor park men's Canny Ryall round 1 and 2- 70, 75

Moor park men's Chinese Cup- 73

Moor park men's Autumn Silver and Gold medal- 70

Moor park Junior captain 2020/21

European golf ranking= 2488

Faldo series England South 1- 73, 81, 80

Hertfordshire u18's county team

'Men's Golfer of the Year' at Moor Park golf club for 2020


Millenium Cup Trophy - 65 (1st)

Awards and Championship Results:

Moor Park Men's Club Championships - 76, 74 (+6) (1st) (7100 yards)

Hertfordshire Stag Championship - 74 (+2) (T14) (7100 yards)

Faldo Series England South 1- 13th (69,74,77) (+3)

Faldo Series Midlands- 14th (75,76,76) (+11)

Faldo Series South England 2- 1st place (73, 74)(+3)

Junior Autumn Meeting (76, 68) (lvl)(2nd)

Stage Golf Society Cup (69) (2nd)