Rocco Repetto

November 27, 2002


About Athlete

Hi, my name is Rocco Repetto Taylor. I’m sixteen, bilingual, and a scratch golfer.

I would love to get a scholarship to an American university for the fall 2020 so I can combine my golf career and my academic studies in a more complete and focused way.  


Following NCAA guidelines Rocco’s GPA would convert to a 3.0 U.S. equivalent.

SAT Total Score
SAT: 1200

Tournament low score: 63 | Par72 | 6311 yards 

Average tournament score (Last 10 rounds): 74

 Andalucia U18 Championship 2-3-4 August WAGR (73, 68, 70) 1st 6844 yards. (2019)

Guadalmina Golf (6651 yards), WAGR event Memorial Norberto Goizueta, Score 69, 81, 74, 69 , Place 8th (2019)

Finnish Open Lauro Golf, 222 shots, T7th (2019)

Spain, Montecastillo Golf, 7065 yards WAGR - Cpto de Andalucía Individual,  73,73,78 (2019)

Spanish Championships U18 WAGR (74, 74, 76, 80) T11th (2019)

Campeonato de Madrid WAGR (79, 77, 71, 75) 11th (2019)

Circuito Juvenil Andalucía, Guadalmina Norte, 67 shots, 1st Place (2018)

Puntuable Andaluz Sherry Golf, 144 shots, 2nd Place (2018)

Puntuable Nacional La Estancia Golf, 148 shots, 1st Place (2018)

Circuito Juvenil Andalucía Santa Clara Marbella, 69 shots, 1st Place (2017)

Club Distances

58º - 84m

52º - 110m

Pitching Wedge - 125m

9 Iron- 136m

8 Iron - 143m

7 Iron - 154m

6 Iron - 164m

5 Iron - 174m

4 Iron - 185m

3 Iron - 194m

2 Iron - 205m

Hybrid 19º- 210m

3 Wood- 225m

Driver - 245m Carry

What makes you different?

I’m a hard worker, focused and determined, while having a great sense of humor. I also enjoy teamwork and have a great recovery game while on the course. I don't get stressed while playing competitive golf in fact I love competition and thrive on it. I think I will be a great asset to an American university team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete on the college golf circuit because I think it would be a great experience for me. The level of college golf in the U.S is the best in the world therefore I think an opportunity to study and compete in the US would enable the me to gain experience for when I compete as a pro.

College Goals?

I would like to integrate my golf career and my academic studies in a much more complete and focused way. I would also like to compete at a high standard of golf everyday and to achieve academic success in a subject that can enhance my career later on in life and have been thinking about Sports Psychology as an option.

Anything else we should know?

Rory McIlroy Fan