Ryan Jordan

Track and Field
October 25, 2003


About Athlete

I am a Grade 12 pupil at Pearson High School, Gqeberha, South Africa. I have been selected as a Prefect and I am an active leader in the school. I have captained several hockey teams during my High School career. I am hard working, dedicated, dependable and adaptable. I enjoy facing new challenges and I always strive to achieve the best possible result.


Sprint events: 400m, 200m, 100m


  • 2021: SA u20 2nd 400m
  • 2021: Africa u20 4th 400m
  • 2021: World u20 11th 400m

Personal Bests

  • 100m 10:71 (2020)
  • 200m 22:07(2020)
  • 400m 47:01 (2021)


  • Heat Athletics Club / JH Athletics Academy
  • Pearson High School
  • Eastern Province Amateur Athletics Association
  • Eastern Cape High Schools
  • South Africa Youth Athletics



  • Eastern Province Champion: 400m
  • Eastern Cape Champion: 400m
  • SA High School Nationals 400m – 4th place


  • Pearson High School u16 100m record holder: 10.90
  • Pearson High School u16 200m record holder: 22.96
  • Pearson High School u16 400m champion
  • PE High Schools u18 400m Champion and record holder: 50.22
  • PE Metro High School u18 200m champion: 22.50
  • PE Metro High School u18 400m champion: 49.70
  • Eastern Province School u18 400m champion: 49.55
  • Eastern Cape u18 400m champion:  
  • SA Schools u18 400m, Bronze medal: 48.06
  • SA Youth and Junior Championship u18 400m, 5th place: 48.40
  • CAA Africa Youth Championships 400m, 10th place: 49.18


  • Pearson High School 17 100m Champion & record holder: 10.71
  • Pearson High School u 17 200m champion: 22.10
  • Pearson High School u17 400m champion & record holder: 48.66
  • Covid-19: no High school champs, Metro champs or SA nationals



  • Eastern Province (League event) U20 400m, 1st place and qualification for the SA Nationals: 49.39 (first race in a year)
  • Eastern Province Championships 1st Place: 49:01
  • South Africa u20 400m, 2nd place: 47.01

Awards, press

Pearson High School:

Junior Athlete of the year 2018 & 2019

Colours Award Field Hockey 2019

Junior Sportsman of the year 2019

Honours Award – Athletics (2019, 2021)

Eastern Province:

Eastern Province Male Youth Athlete of the year 2019

Eastern Province recognition for making the SA Youth team

Article in the local newspaper: selection to the SA Youth team, IAAF Africa Youth Championship, Ivory Coast, age of 15

Sponsorship: Eastern Cape Academy of Sport 2019,2020,2021

Additional sporting info

Pearson High School Junior Hockey player of the Year 2018 & 2019

Eastern Province Field Hockey: u13; u14; u16

Hockey Nationals: Bronze medalist: u16

Indoor Viper Franchise: u12; u13, u14, u16 

Indoor Nationals: Gold medalist: u14

2018 - Selected for Founders Hockey Tour to Holland & Germany

2021 - Dolphin Franchise: Marque selection 



IAAF Profile: https://www.worldathletics.org/athletes/search?query=Ryan+Jordan&countryCode=RSA&disciplineCode=400&gender=male&environment=