Ryan Staykov

June 13, 2000


About Athlete

I have been playing golf since I was 8 years old and I have been a member of The Bulgarian Mens National Team since 2015. This year I competed in the USA for my first time and I really enjoyed it so I will come again this winter.

I am a student in the French High School “Alfonse de Lamartine”, which is in the top five schools in Bulgaria. I am also the leader of my class, and I am involved in many school and out of school activities.

I am fluent in English, French and Bulgarian.


Following NCAA guidelines Ryan’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

SAT Total Score

WAGR: 3421

Handicap: +1.2

National Rankings: 1st

Tournament low score: 66 (6 under); 2017 Slovak Junior Championship

General play low score: 63 (8 under)

 2018 Academic award won at Doral Publix Junior for the highest GPA of all boys

Member of the Bulgarian National Team since 2015

3 times National Junior Champion 2014, 2015, 2017

WON the 2018 Hellenic International Junior Golf Championship (Junior Greek Open); score: 74, 72, 70(level par total); par: 72

WON the 2017 Peter Cowen Strokeplay Championship; score: 68(level par); par: 68

WON the 2018 Pravetz GC Club Championship; 67(five under); par: 72

WON the 2018 Pirin GC Men Club Championship; 70(two under); par: 72

WON the 2014, 2016 (71, 69 – 4under total), 2017 Pirin GC Junior Club Championship

2nd at the 2017 Cyprus Youth Open

2nd at the 2016 European Amateur Team Championship; score: 70(two under); par: 72 (As an individual)

2nd at the 2015 European Amateur Team Championship (As a team)

3rd at the 2018 Bulgarian Men Amateur Championship; score: 68, 75, 72(one under total); par: 72

3rd at the 2016 Bulgarian Men Amateur Championship

3rd at the 2016 Slovak Junior Open

4th at the 2018 N Severis Cyprus Youth Golf Open; score: 75, 67, 71(level par total); par: 71

4th at the 2017 Cyprus Men Amateur Open

4th at the 2017 Hungarian Junior Open U18

5th at the 2018 Cyprus Amateur Men Open

5th at the 2018 Serbian Amateur Tour

5th at the 2017 Slovak Junior Amateur Open

T32 at the 2017 Doral Publix Junior Golf Classic

T14 at the 2018 Junior Honda Classic

10th at the MCB Indian Ocean Open Championship

6th at the 2017 Bulgarian Men Amateur Championship

8th at the 2017 Hungarian Men Amateur Championship

8th at the 2017 Hellenic International Junior Golf Championship

Qualified and played the 2016 Junior Open and became the first Bulgarian to make the cut

Played the 2016(I was the youngest player)&2018 World Amateur Team Championship

Played at the 2015&2016 European Young Masters

What makes you different?

It does not matter if I study, play golf or go to the gym - I always concentrate to give in my absolute best. I am exceptionally organized, calm and coachable person. I am always staying positive and I love learning. I intend to put in the work and achieve my long-term goals.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to play college golf because I am a very good teammate and I can contribute to the team spirit. When I play for a team I bring the best out of my game so that is why I am excited to play college golf.

College Goals?

My college goals are to study hard and help to increase the GPA of my team.

Anything else we should know?

My goals in golf are to continue to progress and one day to compete on the PGA tour and be World №1.
My life goals are to be a respected person with good education and happy family.