Sam Sapey

November 30, 2000

About Athlete

I am an athlete with an impeccable work ethic, striving to be the hardest worker on and off the pitch. My desire is to learn as much as I can and develop into a great football player. My calm appearance combined with my competitive nature makes me a solid asset to any team and my desire to see my team succeed motivates me to encourage those around me and win in all areas of life.


Chessington School GCSE results:
Maths 5,
English Literature: 4
English Language: 4
Core Science: B
Additional Science: C
History: C
Film Studies: C
Physical Education: C
Spanish: D
European Computer Driving License: Distinction*

Esher College results:
Btec National Diploma, Sport (Development, coaching and fitness) (QCF) – Distinction*Distinction


Cobham Cougars: Centre | O-line guard and tackle | D-line tackle and nose |team’s long snapper | Also played on the kick off teams.

40 yards: 5.10

Bench: 253lb single rep

Squat: 352lbs


Cobham Cougars VS Kent Exiles (score 12-50 loss) 28th April 2019

Cobham Cougars VS Wembley Stallions (score 36-36) 12th May 2019

Cobham Cougars VS Hertfordshire Cheetahs (score 0-53 loss) 2nd June 2019

Cobham Cougars VS Solent Seahawks (score 20-35 loss) 23rd June 2019

Cobham Cougars VS South East Legion (score 42-24 win) 7th July 2019

Cobham Cougars VS London Warriors (friendly scrimmage) 21st July 2019

Soccer – various league teams from 2005 - 2016

Awards, press

Captain of Cobham Cougars

Regular starter on O-Line and D-Line

Additional sporting info

I played soccer in various Saturday and Sunday leagues from the age of 5 to the age of 16. With my teams I won many games and various trophies, including many “Man Of The Match” awards and MVP awards at the end of some seasons. Because of my technical ability to read the game, my explosive speed over short distances combined with my solid build I played centre back, right back, left back and central defensive midfielder.
In secondary school (high school) I played first team football and represented my school in many games as a goalkeeper. I was selected to travel with the school to Spain to play against various Spanish academies and schools.

What makes you different?

I cannot remember a time I did not enjoy sport, starting with European football and now football. I study games, I learn techniques and plays, alongside training with my team I train in my spare time, both on my own and with my brother. I studied sport at high school and at college where I achieved top marks.

I work evenings and weekends in a leisure centre where I can train and earn money. My work ethic is second to none, I study, train and work organizing my time to learn and develop myself.

When I started playing football, I fell in love with it and although I have been involved in various sports football is where I excel and work the hardest to be the best.

I am competitive by nature and alongside doing my job on the pitch to the highest standard I motivate my teammates.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to improve my skills, develop my technique and be the best – competing in college is where I will do this. I consider it a privilege to play for a college team and so will commit myself fully to learning and training on and off the field.

College Goals?

I want to get the best grades I can in class so I can build a career in sport for myself and ultimately teach others. On the field of play I want to commit to a team where I can use my skill to help us win trophies.

Anything else we should know?

Whilst training I have balanced full time education and a part time job, this made me physically and mentally tired, however, I never gave up football I just kept pushing myself to continue. Another thing that shows that I am hard working is that for my position I am considered short, however, this motivates me to drive through people who are taller and bigger than me, it spurs me on to prove myself. Finally, an example of a time I worked harder than everyone else was early in my season with Cobham Cougars. I was told during a training session, I would need to long snap at the next game. After the session, when everyone else packed up and gone home my brother and I stayed on snapping the ball until I was ten out of ten on accuracy. I still make this my habit now – its not hard work when you love it!