Sara Eskildsen Michel

February 25, 1999


About Athlete

My objective is to study and be able to get a degree while also being able to continue playing rugby at a higher level. I want to continue growing both academically as well as growing as rugby player.


High School Grades: Science10 91, Math10 78, Geography10 74, English10 76, Canadian History11 86, Business Technology10 87, Physics11 82, English11 88, Global Geography11 96, Phys Ed Leadership 95, Marketing11 80, Geography12 90, World History12 90, Economics 100, Law 100, Communication Sciences 100, Sociology 90, Philosophy 90, Research Methodology 90

TOEFL Total Score
IELTS: Listening 7.5, Reading 7.0, Writing 6.5, Speaking 6.5

Sprint Times

40 meters – 6:34 sec

60 meters – 9:53 sec

100 meters - 14:00 sec

What makes you different?

Since I started playing rugby I have grown immensely as a player. I am a fast learner but I also give my 100% on everything that I do. I am a very driven person as well as very passionate. I am good adapting as well as staying calm in high pressure situations which helps me on the field. I am very organized, which allows me to balance both school and sports and achieving my goal at both.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to be able to continue playing rugby at a higher level, getting to know myself better and developing new skills, while still pursuing my education. I enjoy learning and competing in university gives me the chance to do it in both as a student and an athlete. I am passionate about not only the visible part about rugby, but also what it means, how it changes a person and how it has changed me and made me grow even outside of the field. Rugby has thought me a lot and I want to still be able to receive so much more from rugby while in university.

College Goals?

I want to be able to grow as a person as well as an athlete. I want push my limits and find out how far I can go in both the class room and the field.

Anything else we should know?

I am also practice and am very passionate about horse jumping and archery.