Sebastians Krols

October 24, 2004


About Athlete

My goal is to compete with the best players, while studying HL math’s and physics. I have always wanted to practice more, however I wasn’t able to combine it with school. I hope that university golf gives me the chance to combine school and my studies and learn many new things.


Grade 10 final marks English- 8

Biology- 9

Computer science- 9

Physics- 8

Chemistry- 9

Latvian- 7

Literature- 9

Math- 8

Physical education- 10

German- 9

History and social sciences- 9

Arts and crafts- 10


I was the team captain for the European Boys U-18 Latvian team.

Represented Latvia in Singha Thailand Junior world golf championship 2019.


2021 European Boys’ Team Championship, Div 2 stroke rounds

Estonian golf and country club, Sea course, white tees

1st day- 7/7/2021- 77

2nd day- 8/7/2021- 76

Latvian Amateur championship 2021

Jurmala golf club, white tees

1st day- 2/7/2021- 80

2nd day- 3/7/2021 83

3rd day- 4/7/2021- 84

Latvian Amateur open championship 2021

Ozo golf club, white tees

1st day- 6/8/2021- 82

2nd day- 7/8/2021- 83

3rd day- 8/8/2021- 78

Estonian junior open 2021

Nitvalja golf club, white

1st day- 13/7/2021- 87

2nd day- 14/7/2021- 81

3rd day- 15/7/2021- 80

Latvian Amateur championship 2020

Ozo golf club, white tees

1st day- 26/6/2020- 82

2nd day- 27/6/2020- 84

3rd day- 28/6/2020- 86

Lithuanian junior open championship 2020

European center golf club, Yellow

1st day- 30/6/2020- 79

2nd day- 1/7/2020- 79

3rd day- 2/7/2020- 77

Estonian Junior open championship 2020

Estonian golf and country club, Sea course, yellow tees

1st day- 14/7/2020- 78

2nd day- 15/7/2020- 68

3rd day- 16/7/2020- 76

Latvian junior open championship 2020

Ozo golf club, yellow tees

1st day- 4/8/2020- 82

2nd day- 5/8/2020- 76

3rd day- 6/8/2020- 75

Latvian amateur championship 2019

Ozo golf club, white tees

1st day- 28/6/2019- 88

2nd day- 29/6/2019- 88

3rd day- 30/6/2020- 82

Latvian junior open championship 2019

Ozo golf club, yellow tees

1st day- 6/8/2019- 83

2nd day- 7/8/2019- 83

3rd day- 8/8/2020- 79

Additional sporting info

I enjoy playing many different sports. When I was little I played tennis. In my free time I play basketball, table tennis and soccer. I believe that you have to widen your perspective to excel in your main sport.

Personal Best

Club distances

Carry distance

Low wedge- 74m

Sand wedge- 85m

Gap wedge- 103m

Pitching wedge- 125m

9 iron- 136m

8 iron- 147m

7 iron- 155m

6 iron- 165m

5 iron- 176m

4 iron- 189m

3 wood- 223m

Driver- 245m

What makes you different?

I have always looked at the world differently than the people around me. When I hit a bad shot, I try to analyze why did it happen and how to change it, not just being angry at myself. I’m very attentive and a great problem solver. One might think that these qualities aren’t useful for a golfer, but when I need to perform a difficult shot, these qualities help me. I’m eager to meet new people and to learn about different cultures. I’m studying in the best school in Latvia and without hard work and dedication that wouldn’t be possible.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I heard many great stories about studying abroad. One day I was looking at university’s where I would like to study and I learned that you can study in the US and play golf. After researching college golf and the system I knew that was it! That was the thing I wanted to do. I love the idea that I could play golf and study at the same time.

College Goals?

In college I want to be in a golf team and compete in a national level. I want to push myself harder than I have ever done and see how much I can elevate my golf game. Academically, I want to study higher level math’s and physics. Studies are an important part of my goals and dreams. When I graduate from university I want to have a strong and useful degree.

Anything else we should know?

I have many different interest and skills. I have been playing the trumpet for over 10 years and have competed in a national level. I have competed in many math and physics Olympiads. I enjoy learning new subjects and volunteering.


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