Sesimphiwe Mbatha

Track and Field
March 11, 2001


About Athlete




Prestige College


100m: 12.47 

200m: 25,46

400m: 56:00

800m: 2:20s


Track and Field provincial colours

School Half Colours


School Junior Full Colours

South African Junior and -Schools

Grey Bloemfontein Invitation-Gold-400m&Silver-200m

Afrikaans Interschools-Junior Victrix Ledorum


South African Junior-Bronze-400m&Gold-Medley Relay

Puma School of Speed-Silver-400m

School Honours


South African Schools-Silver-400m

South African Junior Finalist

Puma School of Speed-Gold-200m

School Honours

What makes you different?

Throughout my life I've enjoyed the experiences and the privileges that come with being an "All-rounder" in sport, academic, culture and leadership. And with that comes responsibilities

Born and bred in the underdeveloped village of KwaZulu-Natal, eMsinga-as on of(if not the only)the few individuals who have had the opportunity of quality education and exposure to any form of sport;I feel obligated to be a role model to the rest of the community;To say "Hey,there is more to life than drugs, alcohol and teenage pregnancy". Perhaps my future is the key to someone else's.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College track and field will not only expose me to a much wider and greater sport audience, it will lay the foundation for my senior athletic career, in addition to the basic yet essential high school foundation I already have.

Arguably it is a convenient and practical environment to further both my studies and sport, whilst growing as an individual

College Goals?

Given my passion for sport,my academic ability and the drive to change lives,I plan on persuing a medical career in sport. As a requirement to become a Sport Doctor,I am to complete a 4 year degree in medicine (M.D.)

But if course as a young athletes,who dreams of being professional one day,my college career will serve as the stepping stone to that. I believe that at my age (17),I can continue to explore various track events(100m to 800m),with the 400m being my strongest event and the 200m being my favourite. Hopefully by the time I wrap it up in college,I would have made my Great discovery-finding that one or two events(s) that set my soul on fire and will eventually set the track on fire

Anything else we should know?

I am a Christian

I have the spirit of leadership, recently served as the school student body Chairperson (2017/18)

I am a disciplined and traditional individual

I am a peanut butter addict