Siddharth Kaul

February 9, 2004


About Athlete

Academics and golf are two the two fields that I want to prosper in along side each other. Turning professional after college is what I plan on doing but excelling in academics will always be the main priority.

SAT Total Score

Oberoi International School


IGU Western India Inter school Golf championship (2018)- (1st)

Jyoti Randhawa Challenge 2018 (Pinehurst World championship qualifiers)- (1st)

IGU feeder tour Order of Merit rank (2018)- 3rd

US Kids event at Poona Golf Course(Bangalore tour)- 3rd

Leslie Sawhney Championship- T-9th

Sunday Standard Matchplay event- Finalist

9th Albatross Inter-School Junior Golf Championship 2019- (5th)

IGU Western India Junior Boys Championship (nationals)- 20th

Additional sporting info

Prior to playing golf, I was a state level swimmer and an avid badminton player.

What makes you different?

Everyone puts the same thing in their resume. “Hardworking, diligent, etc” everything that is very common. People who are playing sports at a college level has to have these attributes otherwise you won’t be able to qualify for any of the teams. Everyone puts in hardwork it’s just that whose hardwork has more quality to it. I am that kind of a player who tries to understand what is happening in my swing. I’m not the player who just hears the coach and follows whatever they say, I talk to my coach, understand what we are doing in my swing and why which will help my practice be more productive. An example being for long game practice, I’d rather hit only a 100 balls but know and have control in what I am doing in each of the 100 shots instead of just hitting 500 balls for the sake of ‘practicing’. I aspire to be a professional golfer in the future but while working towards my goal in college I also want to do well in academics. Having a good academic background will help me in any field I join in the future, including golf.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College golf according to me is the best way for me to prepare for my career as a professional golfer. I will be able to play against/with the best amateur players in the United States of America and also in the world. College golf in the United States will help me compete much more regularly with different teams which will help me control myself during critical situations in the future.

College Goals?

My main goals in college are to excel in golf and academics at the same time. Even though I want to turn professional, academics will always be the main priority. I want to get good grades and improve my game as well through the college years which is overall the main goal for me. Winning a few NCAA titles too is right up there in my goals which will be huge confidence boosters just before turning professional.

Anything else we should know?

I like playing all sports. I enjoy learning new things in any field possible because I feel the more knowledge I have the more prepared I’ll be in life.