Siri Aasgard

November 27, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Siri Aasgard and I am a volleyball player from Bergen/ToppVolley Norge in Norway. My objective for my college experience is to play volleyball at a high level while getting a solid education. I always wanted to play college volleyball ever since I was little. I strongly believe that I am classified and hard working enough to play volleyball at a good college level in the USA.




Vindafjord IL: A club an hour away from ToppVolley Norge. One of the best junior teams in the country.
Hordaland: It is my regional team. The best players from the region got to play. 12 players.
Hordaland Beach: It is my regional beach team. 6 players.
ToppVolley Norge. It is where I go to school. They have teams in both first Division and Elite.
Norway National Junior team: I have always been on every camp and reserve to every tournament they have played. Got taken out to play a tournament in Denmark.


First place National Championship U16.

First place National Championship U17.

Third place National Championship U19.

Third place National Championship for regional teams.

First round European Qualification with U17 National team.

First place Regional Championship U15, U17, U19 (Every year).

Fifth place U17 Beachvolleyball National Championship.

First place Beachvolleyball National Championship for regional teams U16 two years in a row.

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Additional sporting info

Reach: 7 ft 5 inches - 226 cm
Spike reach: 9 ft 7 inches - 293 cm
Block reach: 9 ft - 274 cm

Personal Best

I made the National Team and travelled to Denmark to play European Qualification.
Winning the U16 national championship was very fun too, because were very underdogs, but we ended up winning the whole thing.

What makes you different?

I love volleyball with my whole heart, and I am willing to do what it takes to be a good asset to the team. I travelled four hours to get to practice when I lived home and when I got the chance, I moved six hours away to be able to play the sport I love. I wake up before school and work on technique and to get in as many quality touches I can. I get good grades in school, my room is clean, and I eat healthy because I know that to be able to succeed at one part of your life, you must work on every part of it. I am different because whatever task you give me, I will take and make my very best work.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to play college. The great teammates, opponents, coaches, facilities, huge crowds, high level, and everyone’s love for the game. To be able to learn every day and play the sport I love on an even higher level than I have ever done is amazing. Playing in the NCAA is my perception on the American Dream.

College Goals?

I want to be a great asset to my team and to be able to push us forward. I want to be in and create a great community and a place to evolve as players. A place where we come motivated and ready for every practice with the mindset to make every action our best, even though we may not have had the best day.

Anything else we should know?

I am really interested in learning more about other people and other cultures and USA has always fascinated me all my childhood. To speak English every day with friends and the people around me is an experience I will take with me everywhere I go. I am already very used to the dorm life because I already am living at ToppVolley Norge, so that will not be a problem.



Videregående skole/ High school

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ToppVolley Norge

ToppVolley Norge is a boarding school where 75 dedicated teenagers from all over the country live to be the best at volleyball they can be and to hopefully go pro. It is no other school in Norway that offers this kind of videregående (high school), with a specialization in volleyball. You get the education you would have gotten at any other school, but it is a huge focus on volleyball. With the few amounts of spots, it’s a challenge to get in, but once you are in it is the best place to be.