Stephen Smith

August 2, 2003


About Athlete

I started playing soccer at the age of 4 and have continued to improve since then playing at the highest level in my country. I am a very hardworking individual that wants to succeed academically and in soccer. I am playing for a U19s team at the age of 17 in the Leinster Senior League.



The Foyle Cup 2014: 2nd place overall in the tournament. Scoring 14 goals throughout the tournament.

Player of the season 2014

The Foyle Cup 2015: 3rd overall in the tournament. Winning the the third and fourth place playoff. Scoring 10 goals throughout the tournament.

Peamount Pro 10 2015 : 4th overall is the tournament. Scoring one goal against Ipswich town and scoring 4 goals throughout the tournament.

Most improved player 2016

League Winners 2017: Scoring 11 goals and 14 assists throughout the season.

Galway Cup 2018: 3rd place overall in the tournament. 6 assist throughout the tournament.

League winners 2018: scoring 10 and 9 assists throughout the season

Cup winners 2019: 7 goals 5 assists throughout the cup season.

Player of the season nomination 2019

Awards, press

Have won 2 leagues and 1 cup

Won player of the year in 2014

Won most improved player in 2016

Nominated for player the year in 2019